PTI Lidar Plugin

Pineapple Technology Industries plugin

+ How To Add This Control To Your Project (Click to Expand)
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of ARC installed.
  2. Select the Get button in this page to download the archive file.
  3. Double click the downloaded archive file to execute installer.
  4. The installer will add this control to ARC.
  5. Load ARC and press the Project -> Add Control button from the menu.
  6. Choose the Navigation category tab.
  7. Press the PTI Lidar Plugin icon to add the control to your project.


Pineapple Technology Industries plugin Capstone Project

I am looking forward to an update. This can be a major help in navigation development. Can more information be shared so maybe others can help?
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I see some Lidar kits consisting of a sensor and interface for around $100.00 USD. Has anyone experimented with such a kit?
Hello @KeenanNW,

May I ask which LIDAR sensor you used for this project? XV11 maybe? Does it work for multiple LIDAR sensors?

Thanks for your time!
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I m guessing is a XV11 lidar looking to the existent code it's similar to XV11 data packets, although, it seems the implementation does not handle all the data packet (22 bytes), each packet contains 4 angles and the plugin only handles the first angle so the resolution is 4 deg, maybe, it was intentional.

Asfaik you can have multiple XV 11 lidars connected through the serial port.
Thanks @Ptp,

Yeah the XV11 is one of the more popular LIDAR sensors out there, thank you for verifying in the code.

Sorry, my question about multiple LIDAR sensors was asking if the Plug-in was generic, if it worked with different types of LIDAR sensors or just the XV11. It sounds like it's just the XV11.
Jer, each lidar would return a different data structure. Like the difference between VHS and Beta :). There is no universal standard for lidar data. No lidars would be compatible, and if they are, it would be accidental:D