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Did you know the leading failure of robot companies is the high cost of full-stack product development? Robot companies use between 90 and 100 percent of their funding toward full-stack engineering during product development. Due to expensive full-stack robot development costs, sales revenue cannot cover enhancements, operations, marketing, inventory, and customer support.

"Synthiam is not a robot company; we empower robot companies to be successful."

Synthiam is an industry-defining robot software development platform for everyone, regardless of programming experience. Our customers include R&D PoC, DIY, enterprise businesses, manufacturers, and educational institutions. Synthiam's platform democratizes complicated technologies so that robot builder customers can save time and money when making robots.

Industry Impact Comparison

Imagine if the Internet was limited to software programmers because there were no web browsers or authoring tools such as Chrome or Wix? Well, that is how the robotics industry would be without Synthiam's platform. Without Synthiam, only skilled programmers (less than 0.001% of the World's population) qualify to make robots using complicated conventional engineering tools.


Our mission is to democratize robotics by making robot programming easy, accessible, and cost-effective, thus paving the way for a sustainable future of robot products.

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Made With Synthiam

Synthiam's robot platform is responsible for programming tens of thousands of robots around the world. Ranging from educational institutions to DIY to enterprise corporations, we're everywhere there are robots!

Video Overview of Synthiam Products

Individual Products Overview

ARC (Autonomous Robot Control) Software

ARC is a graphical and easy-to-use robot programming software suite. ARC provides an abstraction of common robot behaviors as re-usable modules, called skills. These skills are created by industry experts and published in Synthiam’s Skill Store to be used by robot builders and programmers.

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Skill Store

The Skill Store functions like an App Store, apart from hosting a library of robot behaviors vs. apps. Each reusable module is a technology, cloud service, or sensor driver wrapped in a graphical skill control. Robot customers and programmers add skills from the Skill Store to their robots. This method of delivering technologies as skills enable users to quickly experiment and integrate features at an escalated rate vs. traditional syntax programming with APIs and SDKs.

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Robots learn from example and are designed to help us perform mundane or dangerous tasks. But, to do their job right, they need to be taught. We created Exosphere to give all robots the ability to perform autonomous tasks by controlling as much or little as necessary to help robot companies achieve their goals. All while training the global artificial intelligence knowledgebase of autonomous tasks with real-world examples.

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Roll Out

Synthiam publishes open-source hardware reference designs on our GitHub Repo to help robot companies and manufacturers make new advanced hardware products. Our reference designs include advanced navigation systems, sensor arrays, EZB robot controllers, and more. Save time and development cost by using Synthiam source-available reference designs to make robot hardware products!

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EZB Robot Firmwares

There are many microcontrollers and developer kits available in the market. Synthiam has developed various firmware that installs on these devices to make them compatible with our ARC Software. When connecting a microcontroller to ARC, it is referred to as an EZB. An EZB is any robot computer or microcontroller that accepts Synthiam's ARC software's connections to control servos, sensors, and more.

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Support & Documentation

Synthiam strives to provide up-to-date documentation and guides for programming robots. The support & docs section is your one-stop shop to getting started and onward. If anyone is struggling with a challenge, Synthiam also provides a premium support service which gives you direct access to our robot experts to help solve the problem.

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Customer <-> Product Fit

Synthiam, as a platform, connects multiple customer demographics for a mutual alignment of programming robots. We do this by offering valuable products & services that benefit each customer segment. Bringing robot builders, AI/ML experts, and technology creators together in our platform increases global robot products and decreases development cost. Below are our three customer demographics and how our platform enables them to work together.

Robot Builders

(Programming with ARC)

Synthiam’s platform provides a toolbox of technologies for prototyping and development of robot products.


Robot builders program robot products without the risk and cost of creating full-stack technologies.


Synthiam’s software development platform provides robot builders with a modular, easy and interchangeable development environment.

Technology Creators

(Robot Skill Store)

The leading distribution channel to sensors, cloud services or peripherals used by robot builder customers.


A large & growing customer base of robot builders want to seamlessly integrate technologies into their products.


Publish your sensor, cloud service or peripheral products in the skill store as modular packages for robot builders to purchase and use.

AI/ML Experts


Give robots the ability to perform autonomous tasks by combining artificial intelligence with human operators.


Use real-world robot data during development and training to increase precision of product operation.


Exosphere connector provides bi-directional communication to query data, define skills and control robots to autonomously perform tasks.