Community Etiquette Guidelines

Forum Etiquette Guidelines

At Synthiam, we believe in fostering a supportive, engaging, and inclusive community. To ensure everyone has a positive experience, we kindly ask all members to follow these etiquette guidelines:

  1. Be Kind and Respectful: Treat all community members with respect. Kindness goes a long way in maintaining a positive environment.
  2. Avoid Hijacking Threads: To keep discussions on topic, please do not divert a thread by changing the subject or introducing unrelated questions. If you have a new question, start a new thread.
  3. Stay On Topic: Ensure your contributions are relevant to the thread's original topic. This helps in maintaining the thread's focus and usefulness.
  4. No Tolerance for Inappropriate Behavior: We do not accept arguments, racism, sexism, swearing, violence, self-harm, bullying, mocking, or any form of harassment.
  5. Use Clear and Constructive Language: When posting, please use clear and constructive language. This helps in building a constructive dialogue.

Violating these guidelines can lead to consequences, including the possibility of having your forum access revoked if it becomes a habit. Our aim is to maintain a welcoming and productive environment for all members. Let's work together to keep our community a place where everyone feels comfortable sharing and learning.

Need Help?

If you're unsure about how to proceed in a situation or need clarification on the forum guidelines, please feel free to reach out to our moderation team. We're here to help!

Reporting Issues

If you encounter any posts or behavior that violates our guidelines, please report them to the moderation team immediately. Your reports are crucial in keeping our community safe and respectful.

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping to create a positive space for all members!