Emails and Notifications

Synthiam will send emails for various features to update you with new releases and account status. You can modify which emails you will receive in the profile editor under your account settings. There is a description of each category of notifications that you can enable or disable to receive emails.


Synthiam will never send emails to your account to comply with email anti-spam if you mark the messages as spam. Our server's anti-spam email compliance will indefinitely stop sending emails to your account. This is a non-recoverable action and, therefore, cannot be reversed. If you mark Synthiam emails as spam, you may need to register a new account with Synthiam to begin receiving emails again. The email relay server that Synthiam uses is from Mail Gun, and their policy is strict about spam reporting.

Mail Gun provides further reading on this matter in this article here. We recommend you read this article if you have accidentally marked Synthiam emails as spam. You may contact Mail Gun to have Synthiam begin sending you emails again. However, it is out of Synthiam's control to restore the spam status you assigned to Synthiam.