More Publishing Information

Additional Open-Source Code Examples
Additional open-source code examples can be found by some developers. Some Synthiam controls are published OpenSource in our GitHub repository by clicking here.

Adding Custom ARC Icons
Your control will use the default icon if there isn't another specified. To add an icon, include either a transparent PNG in your project output folder named title.png. This file will be used in the Add Control window of ARC as an icon for your plugin.

Changing ARC Category
You may wish to change the category of your plugin from BETA to an appropriate category when publishing to the public. The category is specified in the Plugin.xml file. The category is must match one of the categories from the ARC Add Control menu.

Share Unpublished Plugin (User Testing)
It is a smart idea to share your newly created plugin with others before publishing to the public. You can copy the URL of the DOWNLOAD option on your Plugin Definition page and send to others. The DOWNLOAD option will not display until a valid plugin file has been uploaded to the Plugin Definition.

To share the install of the plugin, simply copy the URL of the DOWNLOAD option or send the .PLUGIN to your test group.

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