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Your robot can be more than a simple automated machine with the power of ARC Pro!

8. Remote Control

Once the robot is built, powered, and connected to ARC, you may begin testing it with remote control before adding autonomous behaviors. Remote controlling the robot with a joystick, keyboard, WiiMote, etc., will allow you to test the functionality and ensure it is correctly operating. 

*Note:  Your project needs to have a movement panel added and configured before these remote control robot skills can control the movements of your robot. Review Step #4 in this getting started guide if you have not added a movement panel.

Select Remote Control Robot Type


Two joystick robot skills are based on the USB joystick accessory (XInput and Direct Input). Newer joysticks are XInput, such as Xbox controllers and such. Some generic brands and Logitech controllers will have a switch allowing the joystick to configure between the two driver types. Ideally, a xInput joystick is preferred as it has more customization than analog joysticks and buttons. 

Skills: Joystick (Direct Input), Joystick (xInput), On-Screen Joystick


The keyboard can control the robot with arrow keys and customizable keys. You can add custom code to execute when any key on the keyboard is pressed. 

Skill: Key Control


You can use a Nintendo WiiMote to control servos with the built-in accelerometer. The movement pad can also control the movement direction of a robot. They are found cheaply on Amazon and various aftermarket manufacturers. Wiimotes connect to your PC via Bluetooth.

Skill: WiiMote


Exosphere has both Telepresence and Remote Control functionality, which allows the robot to be controlled remotely over the internet. This is a very powerful robot skill with a lot of functionality. Read the manual and tutorials for usage examples.

Skill: Exosphere

Touch Screens

Primarily used in touch screen devices and also usable with a mouse. The On-Screen movement joystick and touch movement control the robot without additional joystick hardware.

Skills: Touch Movement, Movement Joystick

HTTP Server

To use a mobile device or another remote PC, HTTP servers are used. These can be accessed over the internet but also used locally. 

Skills: HTTP Server (Generic), HTTP Server (Custom)

User Interface

The User Interface Builder allows custom interfaces to be built and displayed full screen. This hides the skill windows and virtual desktops to display a simple user interface. You may also install the user interface on a Mobile Device with a few limitations. 

Skill: Interface Builder

Virtual Reality Robot

Use a virtual reality headset or google cardboard. Any headset compatible with OpenVR (i.e., Valve Steam) will work with this robot skill. It even works over the internet from remote locations. When you're head moves, the servos on the robot move as well so you can look around.

Skill: Virtual Reality Robot