Com Port Manager

How to add the Com Port Manager robot skill

  1. Load the most recent release of ARC (Get ARC).
  2. Press the Project tab from the top menu bar in ARC.
  3. Press Add Robot Skill from the button ribbon bar in ARC.
  4. Choose the Communication category tab.
  5. Press the Com Port Manager icon to add the robot skill to your project.

Don't have a robot yet?

Follow the Getting Started Guide to build a robot and use the Com Port Manager robot skill.

How to use the Com Port Manager robot skill

This control displays the COM/Serial ports used on your system by EZ-Script commands. The EZ-Script commands for accessing COM ports can be found in the EZ-Script manual. They are ComOpen(), ComWrite(), ComWriteLine(), etc..

*Note: these are local COM/Serial ports on your PC, not the UART on the EZ-B.


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