Imagine a future in which machines can work autonomously, completing complex tasks with little to no human input. With Synthiam Exosphere, this future is becoming a reality. This innovative AI technology allows robots to be guided by human operators, making it the perfect tool for tasks too difficult or dangerous for AI to complete independently. Whether you're looking to automate your factory floor or create the next generation of home assistance robots, Synthiam Exosphere is the solution you need.

Synthiam presents a few public robots to try and familiarize yourself with the controls. Generally, customers' robots will be private unless they publish a public robot. Scrolling down further on the page will present a template of the controls for the robots. Use the on-screen joystick, keyboard arrow keys, or a USB gamepad (like an Xbox controller connected to your PC) to operate the robot. Compatible with Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox browsers. The speed of your internet connection will affect responsiveness.

Selecting a robot will present you with the remote control interface.

  1. While you can use a USB joystick or keyboard arrow keys, this onscreen joystick will control the robot.

  2. Some robots will present custom buttons for controlling features. In the Synthiam demo robots, the buttons will control the overhead picture-in-picture camera.

  3. The picture-in-picture overhead camera. This can be controlled with the custom buttons. Disable to increase difficulty.

  4. The main camera view that the robot can see.

  5. If the task is complete, press the ALL DONE button. Otherwise, the task may be detected to have been completed and exited on its own.