Posting UBB

This manual provides a comprehensive guide to using UBB codes in Synthiam Community Forums. UBB codes are an optional way from MarkDown to format posts in Synthiam's Forum. Here are the supported UBB codes:

1. Linking with [url]

Use the [url] tag to link to another webpage. You can either use it alone to turn a URL into a link or with an equal sign and additional text to create a named link.

[url=]Visit Example[/url]

2. Bold Text with [b]

To make text bold, wrap it with the [b] tag.

[b]This text will be bold[/b]

3. Underlining Text with [u]

To underline text, use the [u] tag.

[u]This text will be underlined[/u]

4. Italicizing Text with [i]

To italicize text, use the [i] tag.

[i]This text will be italicized[/i]

5. Inserting Images with [img]

The [img] tag allows you to insert images into your post. Simply place the direct URL of the image between the tags.


6. Embedding YouTube Videos with [youtube]

To embed a YouTube video, use the [youtube] tag with the video's ID (the part after "v=" in the video's URL).



With this guide, you should be well-equipped to format your posts effectively using UBB codes.