Synthiam Credit

At Synthiam, our community members embody the spirit of generosity and collaboration. Whether they share their expertise, assist fellow members, or actively engage in our vibrant online forums, their selfless contributions don't go unnoticed. Recognizing these invaluable efforts, we present Synthiam Credits as a token of appreciation. These credits open doors to enhancing your ARC Pro subscription or indulging in some stylish Synthiam Swag, adding even more value to your experience!

Reward yourself for doing the right things, as Synthiam proudly provides multiple pathways to earn credits. Seize the opportunity to accumulate credits through various achievements, paving the way for an affordable ARC Pro subscription or acquiring coveted Synthiam Swag products. Your contributions matter; we believe in rewarding your commitment to our thriving community.

Access the Synthiam Credit page by selecting the account from the top-right of the webpage and selecting Credit.

  • View your credit balance
  • See different activities to earn credit
  • Access details about your Referral Program settings
  • View your history of receiving credits
  • FAQ about how the Synthiam Credits work.