Manage Subscription

To manage your ARC subscription on the website, use the subscription portal under your account settings.

Subscription Portal

Within ARC, you can manage ARC subscriptions using the Help tab in ARC and click the "Manage Subscription" button.

From the subscription portal, you can manage several things:

1. Your Subscription Plan
Your Subscription plan will show you how many seats you have subscribed to under your account. Your plan is always adjustable (via the Product page) if you want to add or remove the maximum number of seats from your Subscription.

2. View invoices or change payment info Button
This button will take you to your billing page.

Here you can see the plans you have subscribed to, view your payment methods (+ add a new payment method), and view your billing history.

3. Request Support Link
This link takes you to the Submit a support ticket page.

With an ARC subscription, you will qualify for monthly support tickets. Submitting a ticket will give you direct access to ARC support, quickly addressing your support ticket. Additional support tickets can be purchased (via the link on the page) at a discount of USD 9.99 each for subscribers or USD 14.99 for non-subscribers.

4. Add Associated Account Button
This button will allow you to add other people or other email addresses as associated accounts to use your subscription seats.

5. Remove Associated Account Button(s)
These buttons will allow you to remove associated accounts from your Subscription. This will terminate the access of these accounts to your Subscription. 

6. Release Seat Token Button(s)
These buttons will allow you to remove a seat token that your account or an associated account has activated. Each claimed token will take an available subscription seat.

7. Change Seats or Plan Link
This link will take you to the Plan page to change your Subscription. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan and add/remove seats as well. *Note: All changes will affect your billing on a prorated basis.

8. Request Cancellation Link
This link will take you to the Cancellation page to allow you to cancel your Subscription. If you are considering cancellation, don't hesitate to contact us before you go.

9. Submit a Ticket Link
This link will take you to the Submit a support ticket page. It is the same link as item #3 on this list.