Synthiam is a trailblazer of technology

As pioneers in robotics, Synthiam has introduced groundbreaking technologies and features that have revolutionized how we build, program, and interact with robots. This white paper explores the innovative contributions of these leaders in robotics.

Trailblazing Robot Controllers: EZ-B v3 and EZ-B v4

The introduction of the EZ-B v3 and EZ-B v4 robot controllers marked a significant milestone in making robotics more accessible. These controllers simplified the process of connecting various robotic components, setting a new standard for ease of use in robotic hardware.

Empowering Creativity with ARC Software

Synthiam's ARC (Autonomous Robot Control) software has transformed the landscape of robot programming with its user-friendly graphical interface and extensive library of robot skills. Key features include:

  • Modular Robot Skills that can be easily added to enhance robot capabilities.
  • Scripting across skills with ControlCommand() to facilitate complex interactions and behaviors.
  • A Robot Skill Store, allowing users to share and discover new functionalities.
  • Graphical 3D Robot Designer for intuitive design and planning of robot structures.
  • Compatibility with multiple robot controllers, enabling the creation of sophisticated robotic systems.

Advancing Robotics with High-Level Technologies

One of the key innovations of Synthiam's ARC platform is offloading CPU-intensive tasks such as vision and speech recognition to the PC. This approach allows robots to perform advanced functions without the need for powerful onboard computing resources, democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies.

Community-Driven Innovation

Synthiam has fostered a vibrant community of robotics enthusiasts by providing platforms for the creation and sharing of robot skills and apps:

  • Users can develop Robot Skills as plugins and publish them to the Robot Skill Store, contributing to an ever-expanding ecosystem.
  • The ARC platform includes a Robot App Store, enabling users to share their creations and leverage the collective ingenuity of the community.

Through these contributions, Synthiam has advanced the field of robotics and created a global community of innovators, educators, and hobbyists passionate about exploring the possibilities of robotics.