ARC Editions

ARC Pro (recommended)

Unlock all ARC features with the Pro edition. Create mobile apps, unlimited speech recognition commands, cloud storage, high-resolution cameras for object detection, and more. This is the most popular installation of ARC because it also receives the latest updates and bug fixes.

ARC Free

Either Pro or free users can use teams & Free. The main difference between Teams and Pro is the update cycle. Most schools will choose this edition because it is updated only every 6-12 months. The downside to this edition is that it takes longer to experience fixes and new features.

ARC Runtime (Free)

The runtime edition allows loading any robot apps, whether created by free or Pro edition. This edition has no limitations to the number of robot skills, speech recognition, etc. This edition is meant to run existing robot applications created for your robot. One noticeable difference with this edition is the lack of Add Control and Config buttons. Your project can be loaded, and the pre-programmed functionality can be used by yourself or anyone else. Read more about ARC Runtime on this page.

ARC Mobile (Android & iOS)

This edition is no longer supported for updates and fixes. We recommend using the new Remote UI feature. The Mobile edition of ARC was created for on-the-go remote control of robots and is therefore limited in functionality. The mobile edition does not contain the ability to load 3rd party robot skills, and many built-in skills are unavailable. Review the Interface Builder robot skill manual to see what skills are available.