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MQTT Client Control for ARC that can also work with the server

+ How To Add This Control To Your Project (Click to Expand)
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of ARC installed.
  2. Select the Get button in this page to download the archive file.
  3. Double click the downloaded archive file to execute installer.
  4. The installer will add this control to ARC.
  5. Load ARC and press the Project -> Add Control button from the menu.
  6. Choose the Communication category tab.
  7. Press the EZMQTT Client icon to add the control to your project.


MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) is a publish-subscribe-based "lightweight" messaging protocol for use on top of the TCP/IP protocol (port 1883). The publish-subscribe messaging pattern requires a message broker. The broker is responsible for distributing messages to interested clients based on the topic of a message.

This is an MQTT Client Control that connects to an MQTT broker and publishes/subscribes to topics. When messages are published to matching topics, the incoming data will be assigned to a variable and an associated EZ-Script (message) will launch.

How EZMQTT Works

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1) Start the EZMQTT Broker
2) In the EZMQTT Client Configuration enter the Broker IP
3) In the EZMQTT Client Configuration enter a topic (Subscription) name
4) In the EZMQTT Client Configuration write a script that sends a message
5) Connect Publisher Client(s) to the Broker to publish topic messages
6) Connect Subscriber Client(s) to the Broker to receive topic messages

*Note: Clients can be both Publishers & Subscribers. The diagram above is a simplification.

Main Window

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1. Client Connect Button
This button connects the EZMQTT Client to the Broker. The Client publishes/subscribes to topics and sends/receives messages.


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1. Broker Hostname/IP Field
This field is for entering the IP address of the Broker server that you'd like the client to connect to.

2. Connected Variable Field
This variable holds the status of the client connection to the broker. True means the client is connected to the broker.

3. Subscription Name Field
This is the topic name that other clients will subscribe to.

4. Variable Name Field
This variable is used for data that is being shared between clients.

5. Is Binary Array Checkbox
If the data from the published messages are expected to be Binary, then check the checkbox. This will assign the data to an Array of the specified variable. If the Binary checkbox is unchecked, the expected data is an alphanumeric string.

6. Script Field
This field is for the published topic messages.

7. Topic Management Buttons
These buttons are used to add/remove topics, move them up/down the list, or edit them.

How to Use EZMQTT Client

1) Add the EZMQTT Client skill to your ARC project (Project -> Add Skill -> Misc -> EZMQTT Client).

2) In the EZMQTT Client Configuration add the broker IP address.

3) In the EZMQTT Client Configuration add a topic name, variable name, and script (message).

4) Click the Client Connect button.

Code Samples

Connects to the hostname of the specified MQTT broker. Either the CONNECT button on the control can be pressed, or a ControlCommand() can be passed. If no parameter is specified in the ControlCommand(), the default value from the config is used. Both examples of specifying a hostname and not are provided below.


# If not connected, connect to local MQTT broker
IF (!$MQTTClientStatus)
ControlCommand("EZMQTT Client", Connect, "")

# Connect to default hostname specified in config
ControlCommand("EZMQTT Client", Connect)

Waits for the MQTT client to finish any work it must do, and for the TCP/IP session to disconnect. This may be executed by pressing the DISCONNECT button on the control, or using the ControlCommand().


ControlCommand("EZMQTT Client", Disconnect)

Subscription to topics are specified in the Config menu of the control. The variable name and script to execute must also be provided. If the data from the published messages are expected to be Binary, then check the Binary box. This will assign the data to an Array of the specified variable. If the Binary checkbox is not checked, the expected data is alphanumeric string.
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Publish specified data to the specified topic. The following commands are...


# Publish a string to the 'asdf' topic
ControlCommand("EZMQTT Client", PublishString, "asdf", "Hello World")


# Publish binary array to the 'asdf' topic
defineArray($array, 5)
$array[0] = 1
$array[1] = 2
$array[2] = 3
$array[3] = 4
$array[4] = 5
ControlCommand("EZMQTT Client", PublishBinary, "asdf", "$array")


# Publish a comma separated list of numeric values, variables and strings to the 'asdf' topic
$x = "Hello"
ControlCommand("EZMQTT Client", PublishBytes, "asdf", $x, 32, "World")


You may also be interested in the Synthiam EZMQTT Broker from here:

Here is a sample ARC project that demonstrates the EZMQTT Client connecting to a EZMQTT Broker: test mqtt.EZB


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