Audio.waitForSpeech(timeout, s1, ...)


timeout Time to wait in seconds before stopping waiting for speech.
s1... Strings to wait for that are detected in the microphone.


The phrase heard if the timeout did not occur in a lowercase string.


Suspends execution of the script until one of the strings specified by s1,.... is detected in the microphone, or a timeout occurs after timeout seconds. If a timeout occurs, the method will return "timeout".

*Note: the returned string is in lowercase


// Specify the words in the function
response = Audio.waitForSpeech(10, "One", "two", "Three");

print("Heard: " + response);

// Use an array of words to listen for
var words = ["One", "two", "Three"];

response = Audio.waitForSpeech(10, words);

print("Heard: " + response);