Program Robotics

using technologies from

industry experts


Program robots on Arduino, Windows, or Raspberry Pi using amazing technologies

Computer Vision

Track and detect faces, objects, colors, glyphs and more

Movement Gaits

Create and experiment with animations and movement gaits using servo-motors

AI & Machine Learning

Create conversational personalities with sentiment using a combination of services

Speech Recognition

Access state of the art speech recognition services across multiple languages

Mobile App

Create cross-platform mobile apps to control robots on PC, Linux, iOS or Android devices


Advanced navigation using LIDAR, SLAM and Indoor Positioning Systems

Synthiam's EZ-Builder Connects to Anything

Connect to anything

EZ-Builder is hardware agnostic and connects to many products including Arduino, Robotis, EZ-Robot and more. Select Hardware

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Thousands of robots around the world
are programmed with EZ-Builder

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Synthiam’s software platform connects robot builders with technologies to program amazing robot products.

Robot builders get access to new technologies.

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Bringing robot builders and technology creators together increases the number of robot products and decreases development cost. Get Started