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Easily program any robot with the most powerful technologies using Synthiam's low-code AI platform

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Are you making a robot?

ARC Robot Software

ARC Robot Programming Software
  • Would you like to make robots easy and fast with AI?
  • Do you want to rapidly prototype with new technologies?

Get your product used by robot builders?

Skill Store

Make a Robot Skill
  • Do you make a product that can be used in robotics?
  • Are you looking for more robot builder customers?

Need AI/ML data and robots to test with?


Robot Skill Store
  • Would access to real world robot usage data help your AI/ML algorithms?
  • Do you want real robots of different types to test with?

Expand Your Mind...

Unleash your creative potential in robotics with AI Assisted Robot Programming, free from the complexities of traditional coding and the daunting hurdles of complicated technologies.

Effortlessly Use Technologies

Computer Vision

Track and detect faces, objects, colors, glyphs and more

Movement Gaits

Create and experiment with animations and movement gaits using servo-motors

AI & Machine Learning

Create conversational personalities with sentiment using a combination of services

Speech Recognition

Access state of the art speech recognition services across multiple languages

Create Your Own

Reach more customers by creating a robot skill for the Synthiam's Skill Store.


Advanced navigation using LIDAR, SLAM and Indoor Positioning Systems

What are you waiting for?

Synthiam bridges the gap between robot builders, AI/ML experts, and technology creators, fostering a vibrant community that amplifies the number of individuals crafting robots while simultaneously reducing development costs.

For Robot Builders

(Programming with ARC)

Synthiam ARC provides robot builders with a toolbox of technologies for prototyping and development of robot products with an AI powered platform.


Robot builders program robots using AI without the risk and cost of creating full-stack technologies.


Synthiam’s low-code AI robot platform provides robot builders with a modular, easy and interchangeable development environment.

For Technology Creators

(Robot Skill Store)

The Robot Skill Store is the leading distribution channel of sensors, cloud services, and peripherals used by robot builder customers.


Robot builder customers want to integrate technologies into their products seamlessly.


Publish sensors, cloud services, or peripheral products in the skill store as modular packages for robot builders to purchase and use.

For AI/ML Experts


Exosphere gives robots the ability to perform tasks by combining autonomous artificial intelligence and remote-controlled human operators.


Use real-world robot data during development and training to increase the precision of product operation.


Exosphere connector provides bi-directional communication to query data, define skills, and control robots to perform tasks autonomously.