Am I Locked In

You may be wondering if you build a robot with Synthiam ARC, will you have to pay a subscription fee forever to use the robot? Well, the answer is no - because that would be rude of us :). Once your robot is built and programmed, we have an edition of ARC named Runtime. You can use that edition forever to power your robot at no cost, except for 3rd party services (ie cognitive services).

Your ARC subscription can be canceled at any time. An ARC subscription will subscribe you to a recurring monthly or yearly payment plan to use unlocked features of the platform. We will email you seven days before your next billing cycle to notify you that the renewal payment will be billed automatically. You can cancel the subscription and prevent automatic billing of the subscription schedule.

As a recap, you only need an ARC subscription to program/edit/create robot projects. Once your robot project is complete, cancel your ARC subscription and install the ARC Runtime edition. The ARC Runtime edition will run any robot project in read-only mode. ARC Runtime edition allows your robot to live on forever!