Upgrade to ARC Pro

Synthiam ARC Pro is a cool new tool that will help unleash your creativity with programming robots in just seconds!

Add Robot Skill to Project

Robot Skill Controls can be added to your project using the Add Skill option located in the Project tab of the main menu.

Add Control To Robot

Add Robot Skill Menu

When the Add Skill button is pressed, the dialog will be displayed with a list of all skills in their respective category. Selecting a skill will add it to your project. Some skills will be grey because they have not been installed. Press the download icon on the skill when an internet connection is available to download and install the robot skill. 

The Auto Arrange check-box located on the bottom of the Add Skill dialog will auto arrange all skill skills on your project to fit the new skill if checked.

Auto Arrange Robot Skills

By default, robot skills are auto arranged on workspaces when either a project is loaded, or a new robot skill is added to a workspace. This behavior can be disabled for either scenario by unchecking the option in the respective dialog window.

Loading Robot Project

Adding Robot Skill