Add Robot Skill to Project

Robot Skill Controls can be added to your project using the Add Skill option located in the Project tab of the main menu.

Add Control To Robot

Add Robot Skill Menu

When the Add Skill button is pressed, the dialog will display a list of all skills in their respective category. Selecting a skill will add it to your project. Some skills will be grey because they have not been installed. Press the download icon on the skill when an internet connection is available to download and install the robot skill. 

The Auto Arrange checkbox at the bottom of the Add Skill dialog will auto-arrange all robot skills on your project to fit the new skill if checked.

Installing Robot Skills

Synthiam ARC includes several robot skills by default. However, as we grow new partners, new robot skills will be available to you. When a robot skill is available but not yet downloaded, it will have a Download icon next to it. With an internet connection and clicking the icon, you will be prompted to download the robot skill and install it automatically. Or, you may view the manual to learn how it works.