Virtual Workspaces

This feature provides additional virtual workspaces to organize robot skills. The option is found on the File tab of the top menu. To organize robot skills, give workspaces names according to the category of robot skill type. Add audio-related robot skills to a workspace that you name Audio. The same applies to Vision, Movement, and all other robot skills.

Changing Workspaces

Locate the workspace section from the top menu of ARC in the File tab.

Adding Workspaces

Press the Add button in the workspace section of the File tab.

Removing Workspaces

Press the Remove button in the workspace section of the File tab. The last workspace will be removed if it is empty of robot skills. A message will be displayed if the workspace is not empty. Only empty workspaces can be removed.

Renaming Workspaces

Right-click on a workspace and select the Rename menu option. Enter a name for the workspace.

Moving Robot Skill to Workspace

Right-click on the title bar of any robot skill and select a workspace to move to. The current workspace will not be displayed as an option.

Organize Robot Skills

As a robot project grows, it will have several robot skills that clutter the workspace. Synthiam ARC can customize virtual workspaces to organize robot skills. The workspaces are located in ARC's top menu under the File tab. Pressing the ADD or REMOVE buttons allows you to add or remove workspaces—Right-click on a workspace to rename it.

In this screenshot example, we have organized the robot skills based on their function with the robot. The Input workspace hosts interactive robot skills like joysticks and speech recognition. The Camera workspace hosts the robot's camera and various tracking and computer vision robot skills. The Processing workspace hosts scripts and AI Chatbot robot skills. Finally, the Movement workspace hosts the robot skills responsible for moving the robot and interacting with the real world.