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6. Publish Plugin To Skill Store

When you are ready to share the robot skill plugin with the world, it will be published to the technology store on Synthiam's website. 

Create Package
1) Build a fresh copy of your skill plugin in Visual Studio.

2) Navigate to the plugin folder. This will be located in C:\ProgramData\ARC\Plugins´╗┐\[guid]. Where is the guid of your plugin in the Plugin.XML file.
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3) Select all files (CTRL-A) and Right-Click with the mouse. Select Send To -> Compressed (zipped) Folder
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4) A .ZIP file will be created containing all of the necessary skill control plugins and sub-folders. This is the file that will be uploaded to 
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Upload Package To Synthiam
The zip file created in the above step will be uploaded to the synthiam website.

1) Visit and login.
2) Press the Account button on the top right.
3) Press the My Content sub-menu. 
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4) Locate your plugin by the title and click to select it. The plugin statistic page will be displayed. When your skill control plugin is live, you may return here to view download and usage performance.  Press the Details button.
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5) By default, the details page will introduce your plugin as Private and display a number of requirements to make it public.
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6) Scroll down and locate the Control Archive File option. This is where we will upload the skill control Zip file package that was created earlier.
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7) Scroll up and press Save Changes. The package file will upload. 
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Before your plugin can be visible to the public, some requirements must be met. Review the list of requirements on the right of the details page. Once your requirements have been met, check the Public checkbox and your plugin will be published to the Synthiam Technology Store.