4. Example Project Overview

The example project will add the references and configuration necessary to begin developing. 

Running The Example Project
Let us first take a moment to load the example project in ARC and see it in action. 

1) Shutdown any instances of ARC, as they aren't necessary during debugging. 

2) Load the Visual Studio solution file for your plugin.

3) Press F5 in Visual Studio, or select Debug -> Start Debugging from the top menu
User-inserted image

4) ARC will launch
User-inserted image

5) We'll now add your plugin to the workspace. Press Project -> Skills -> Add Skill 
User-inserted image

6) Navigate to the Beta tab, and your plugin will be visible. Click the icon and the project will load.
User-inserted image

7) View your new skill control on the workspace. The example project even has a configuration menu configured. You can press the configuration option (3 little dots next to the X) to view the example configuration menu.
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8) Close ARC to stop debugging the robot skill. You must stop ARC when you want to recompile and test the robot skill after new code changes.

Visual Studio is running as the debugger for the project. For experienced programmers, you can step through and debug the skill control plugin in real-time.