Port Selection (servo/digital/pwm)

ARC presents a standard window for selecting digital, serial, servo, or PWM ports. This window also displays the type of EZB that ARC is currently connected to. If there is no connection to an EZB, a default image of an unknown EZB will be displayed.

Unknown EZB (no connection)

Known EZB (connected)

Preview EZB

If there is no EZB connected, the default EZB image is displayed for an unknown EZB. To preview any EZB and its connections, use the dropdown to select the EZB from the list.

EZB Manual

Every EZB has a manual page with information about the firmware, pinout mapping, installation, drivers, etc.. To view the manual page directly from ARC, simply select the appropriate EZB and press the View EZB Manual button. You will require an internet connection for this feature. This feature is specifically important if for EZBs with multiple firmware options and pin mappings.

Where's This Window?

The port selection window is displayed whenever a servo, PWM, serial or digital port is selected. These options are available when the configuration button of a robot skill is pressed. When configuring a robot skill, you may be presented with options to configure a port. Pressing the port button will display this port selection window. This example image is the configuration menu for a Vertical Servo robot skill.