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Troubleshoot USB Connections

An EZB is any robot/microcontroller that runs the ARC-compatible firmware to use the ARC communication protocol. The connection type between EZBs will vary between USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. This diagnostic page is for USB-enabled EZBs. If you are not using a USB-enabled EZB, select your EZB connection type from this index page.

USB EZB Connection Diagnostic

Arduino and USB controllers have tutorials for connection on their respective manual pages. However, the leading cause of connection trouble with Arduino is the baud rate. Ensure you have followed the Getting Started guide links to configure ARC to the correct baud rate. Additionally, providing proper power to the controller is important as well.

DTR/RTS Enable

Some USB devices may require DTR/RTS to be enabled. This can be done for the specified EZB index in the connection control configuration screen. Press the CONFIG button on the connection control, select COM/USB Connection tab, and enable DTR/RTS checkboxes.

Guide: Forum Posting For Assistance

If you are still having trouble connecting to an EZB, you may ask on the community support forum. If you are ready to post on the community requesting assistance with connection issues, it is mandatory that you answer these questions in your forum post.

  1. What product are you connecting to? (i.e. Arduino, ESP-32, EZ-Robot JD, Raspberry Pi, Robotis Bioloid, etc).

  2. What power source you providing the robot? (Battery, wall adapter, how many volts/amps, etc)

  3. Does the robot make a startup sound when powered on (if applicable)? Is there a verbal message spoken from the product on bootup (if applicable)? Have you checked the product manual?

  4. If Wi-Fi device, are you connecting the correct WiFi network of the EZB/Robot?

  5. Do you have two network adapters? (i.e. one for the internet and one for the robot)

  6. What error message is displayed in the status window at the bottom of ARC? Press the COPY button on the status window and paste the contents in the forum post.