EZ-Script Bugs

*Note: Following integrating JavaScript and Python into Synthiam ARC in 2017, we announced that EZ-Script is no longer being maintained and developed. The EZ-Script compiler and language are slow, date, and contain several bugs. While the known bugs are not show-stoppers for continuing to use existing EZ-Scripts, it is not recommended to use EZ-Script moving forward.

Trailing Backslash in String

If the last character of a string is a \ (backslash), an error will be produced. This issue can be most noticeable when combining variables to create a file path.

# This will produce an error
$x = "C:\temp\"
$y = $x + "asdf"

However, without a trailing slash in the string, it will work.

# This is successful
$x = "C:\temp"
$y = $x + "\asdf"