Rock Pi X

Rock Pi X

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The most bang for your buck with embedded computing! This is probably the most impressive single board computers (SBC's) that we've experienced for the price. This is similar to the Up Board and LattePanda, but more affordable.

Because this board is running Microsoft Windows, it can also run ARC directly. There is an audio jack for speakers and an HDMI for video.

ROCK Pi X is the first X86 SBC(Single Board Computer) by Radxa. It can run Windows and ARC. ROCK Pi X features...

  • Intel Cherry Trail quad core processor Z8350
  • 64bit dual channel 1866Mb/s LPDDR3
  • up to 4K@30 HDMI Video
  • 3.5mm audio jack with mic
  • 802.11 ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • USB Port
  • GbE LAN
  • 40-pin color expansion header
  • Realtime clock
  • USB PD and QC powering

ROCK Pi X comes in two models, Model A and Model B, each model has 1GB, 2GB or 4GB ram options. for detailed difference of Model A and Model B, please check Specifications.

This comparison chart, done by our friends at Explaining Computers says it all...


Synthiam has assembled a driver package to get your Rock Pi/x Rock'n! The driver package includes an installation readme file, which we recommend reading.

Download Rock Pi/X Windows 10 Drivers (x64)

Installation Tips & Performance

We have a guide in the Support section that includes steps on freeing storage space and increasing the performance of robot computers, such as single-board computers. View the instructions HERE. Additionally, if running headless we have tips HERE.

Oh boy - that’s not good to see product inconsistencies like that. So I take that back:) but it is easy to install windows. Really really easy
@DJ Oh it’s not inconsistent at all, you have to remember we were among the first to receive the Rock Pi X units. We were among the early developers you could say. We received 2 units at no cost, and they knew we wanted them to use with Windows because I had mentioned that to Radxa, so they sent them preloaded with Win10.
The two units that Bill recently got had Windows on them as well. And that was in the last 2 months
Interesting, maybe I’m missing something. What do you have to enable in the bios to get Win10 to boot for you?
Nothing. I gave them power and windows 10 booted.
Where did you happen to buy them? I didn't see a North American distributor on their websites listing.
There isn’t a NA distributor yet that I’m aware of. I know Seeed has a US warehouse but the Rock Pi X isn’t stocked there yet.

@DJ turns out I was using my other black & red thumb drive to try and boot WindowsxD it helps when you use the one with Windows on it. I just used my standard USB 16GB boot drive that I created with the Microsoft tool (made it the primary boot drive in the BIOS) and it was smooth sailing to install Windows

Thank you for the driver pack!! All the unknown devices are now installed and WiFi is working!
first one I purchased from Seeed and the second from Allnet   No North American Distributor so you have to import and pay taxes fees etc and be prepaired to wait.   Allnet was pretty quick think it took about 2 weeks.  Seeed took 3 months.  You should import a bunch and sell them to us :-) but we want a warranty and fixed price and guaranteed shipping and support and returns when we decide we don't want it and ....
there was windows on it already DOH... Yeah I assumed like everyother PC as well stick in thumb drive.  Boot install.  I need to read the manual.
 Haha, not  ahalf bad idea. Buying a bunch and resell them. Heck Id like to get my job to replace the Pis we use  with these.
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This is interesting. I have a Rock Pi that has been sitting here in my house for months sense I got it. I haven't tried to boot it yet. It's will be fun to see if it has Windows or not.

Probably not. 

If not, any suggestions on how to get a copy of windows 10 without breaking the bank?

In post 37, Nov 2020,  DJ said: "No windows license needed. Just install windows and there’s a little message in the corner that says unregistered at all times."

Question: So I just go to Microsoft and download Windows 10 and install it? Then according to DJ I don't need to license it? I guess I need to know the best place to get an unlicensed copy of Windows 10.

And then, how do I install it into the Rock Pi. Is the best way to put the install program on a USB Stick and make the 1st boot drive the USB through the Bios?
That’s right Dave, if the Rock Pi doesn’t have Win10 preinstalled, get a USB thumb drive. I believe it should be 16GB or greater. Then use Microsoft’s USB install media tool:

Once you’re installing Win10 after your USB boot drive is finished, when it says to insert product key, select I don’t have a product key. Also when it says to connect to a network select I don’t have internet (or you will have to sign in on every boot). You can run Win10 like this with few limitations.
Also install the Pro version, More features like remote desktop.
 I've just looked, and it seems you can get a Rock Pi X from Amazon, its from Youyeetoo for $99. I wonder if this is the legit Rock Pi ? It says its Model B with Windows 10. Small quantity in stock too. I just might might.
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+1 for EzAng! He's correct. Nowhere in that Amazon add does it say Windows in installed. Only that it fully supports Windows 10. 

Good catch on this EZ Ang. Questions and Answers section is always the best place for me to head for questions and answers. LOL.:p
I recommend installing windows 10 manually anyway because you’ll get the latest version. Then update the drivers that are listed here. And finally, use the performance and storage tips to make it run fast.
Be careful if you order. Some people got the 2 gig version when they ordered the 4 gig ver. Might be simple mix up.
Thanks guys,  I had wondered about the windows stuff too, wasn't too sure. I may still order it at some point.