Audio.soundNote(note, length, [signalType], [ezbIndex])


note Note to play as a string.
length How long to play the note for in milliseconds.
signalType (optional) Type of signal to use when playing the note as a string.
ezbIndex (optional) Board index of the EZB to output the audio from.




Plays the specified note for length milliseconds. Notes are inputted as strings which range from "C1" to "Bb3". The note is played using the signal specified by signalType. If signalType is not provided a sine wave is used. Accepted signal types are "Sine", "Square", "Triangle", "Pulse", "Sawtooth", "WhiteNoise", "GaussNoise", "DigitalNoise". This function does not wait for the note to end to continue executing the script. In case of playing multiple notes in sequence, call the sleep() function to ensure the notes don't play over previous notes.