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Publish your product in the robot skill store for robot builders to use. Synthiam's robot skill store is the leading distribution channel for sensors, cloud services, or peripherals used by robot builders. Our robot builder customers include R&D PoC, DIY, enterprise, and educational institutions.
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Empower Robot Builders

Synthiam's platform focuses on democratizing your technology products so that robot builders can quickly prototype and use them. When Robot Builders have easy access to your technology products, their robots can perform advanced and complex tasks.

You are half way there!

Your product has an SDK or API for programmers. But what about everyone else, such as students, robot builders, or artists? Expand your customer market by lowering the barrier of entry to use your product.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Design your ARC robot skill using the create a robot skill guide.

Step 2

Add your API or SDK methods to buttons and communication events.

Step 3

Publish the package in the Robot Skill Store for robot builders to use.

Your Product Has a Place

All technologies can become a robot skill. Each skill is a behavior for a robot, similar to a process (or node). There are skills for Cameras, Speech Recognition, Machine Learning, and hundreds more.

  • Cloud services

    Artificial Intelligence, machine vision, NLP, chatbot, navigation point-cloud libraries, speech recognition, etc.
  • Sensors

    Creating a specific robot skill for a sensor makes it easier for the customer to integrate with their robot. Such as lidar, distance, speech, temperature, motion, acceleration, pose telemetry & positioning, etc.
  • Stand-alone

    A standalone robot skill is a pre-defined function, algorithm or program that can be used by robot builders. Such as a gait creator, SLAM/navigation, audio player, etc.
  • Hardware Interface

    Many motor controllers, servo controllers, and other types of controllers have unique protocols. Make a robot skill that wraps the complicated protocol commands and presents an easy UI to the customer.

We can help

Connect with us and we'll learn about your technology. You will be assigned a robot specialist to help you get started with making a robot skill.

Self Service

You can jump in and immediately begin making a robot skill. Use our online documentation, resources, and community to create and publish a robot skill in our Skill Store.