Robot Skills Overview

ARC apps consist of Robot Skill Controls. Each skill is a behavior for the robot, and can be thought of as a process (or node). There are skills for WiiMotes, Cameras, Speech Recognition, and hundreds more. Skills can be added to a project workspace using the Add Skill option located in the Project tab of the main menu.

By combining the function of multiple skills, a robot can be programmed to perform advanced and complex tasks. Robot skills come in two flavors...

  1. Built-In Robot Skills - These are skills developed by Synthiam that are included with ARC installation and cannot be removed.
  2. Plugin Robot Skills - Developed by third parties and may be added/removed from the ARC software through the Synthiam Skill Store.

Want To Make a Skill?

Combining Synthiam's ARC with the skill store is a leading distribution channel to get your sensor, cloud service, or peripheral used by robot builder customers. Creating a robot skill to distribute your technology is easy, and we have a great tutorial to get started.

Create Skill Tutorial

ARC Project with Skills Example

Here is a screenshot of an example projecting demonstrating multiple robot skill controls. Each skill control is performing a specific function of the robot. A project may contain an unlimited number of skills (as PC memory allows).