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Maestro Servo Controller Robot Skill by Pololu

Control servos using the Pololu Maestro servo controllers that come in flavors of 6, 12, 18, or 24 servos. The connection for this robot skill is USB, and therefore great for onboard computers.

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Chatgpt Integration?

I have been using ChatGPT a lot lately just to see what the AI can do.  I am impressed in many ways over previous Chatbot AI engines.   Integrating ChatGPT into ARC/Synthiam environment could lead to some very sentient like robot applications.   Is anyone working on a plug in for ChatGPT?
Servo Recorder
By Synthiam

Servo Recorder v15

Record and play back servo movements on your robot at specified speed and direction
ESP32 Cam

ESP32 Cam

The Esp32 Cam is an affordable WiFi module with few I/O and streaming webcam capability. Adding this firmware to an esp32 cam, the WiFi module will become an EZB that ARC can connect to stream the...
JD Spricht  Nicht, Es Fehlt Das Häkchen In Verbindung Mit Pandorabot

JD Spricht Nicht, Es Fehlt Das Häkchen In Verbindung Mit Pandorabot

Ich verwende Pandorabot, aber JD spricht nur über das Laptop, es fehlt das Kästchen...
The Better Navigator
By Synthiam

The Better Navigator v34

Improved version of The Navigator based on Hector SLAM, with more features and path finding.
Robot Project Posting Issues

Robot Project Posting Issues

I recently upgraded to Windows 11.   I am not sure if this is related.   I am not able to complete a robot project posting because the youtube video of my project I...
Robots Re-Imagined Merchandise

Robots Re-Imagined Merchandise

One of our valued robot builders and Hollywood makeup artists, Will Huff, has created a collection of robot designs. If you like robots and fancy t-shirts,...
Stepper Servo
By Synthian Inc.

Stepper Servo v16

Control up to 127 stepper motors as servos with speed and acceleration.

Object Character Recognition

Google and Microsoft both have Object Character Recognition (OCR) models available via API. There is a free tier and a paid tier for either. It would be absolutely amazing to have a camera skill that can read text. This could even trigger the translate option or integrate with Chat GPT3. Lots of follow on options if we unlock OCR.

Arduino Mega Firmware

I downloaded the firmware for the Arduino Mega and unzipped it. I double clicked on the EZ- MEGA - V1 but it did not load into my Arduino IDE. It just asked what app I wanted to open it with. The file I downloaded was dated 10/11/2021. If you have any ideas about what I am doing wrong I would appreciate it?
3D Print Jd Head

3D Print Jd Head

hi has anyone printed a jd head?my question is ,how do you print the head on the printbed? thank you
Artificial Intelligence
Openai Chatbot
By OpenAI

Openai Chatbot v14

Chatbot based on OpenAI GPT-3 gives your robot a human-like personality for conversation.