Darwin Mini

Darwin Mini by Robotis

Connection Type
USB / Bluetooth
Number of servos
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The ROBOTIS MINI is an ARC compatible miniaturized humanoid robot featuring 16 XL-320 Dynamixel servos, the OpenCM9.04 32-bit ARM controller, and a 3D printable frame for robot customization.

Get Started

  • The controller on the Darwin mini is the Robotis OpenCM9.04, which can be flashed using the firmware available HERE

*Note: When programming the Open CM 9.04 controller on your Darwin Mini with the link above... you may wish to activate the Bluetooth module so the connection does not require USB. To activate the bluetooth module, open the INO arduino source code file and modify the values for communication port and baudrate.

Change these lines and program the Open CM 9.04 board with the updated code...

#define _BAUD_RATE 9600


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