IFTTT Sender

Provides a means to send HTTPGet() messages from ARC to the IFTTT applet Webhooks Channel in the IF This clause, allowing EZB scripts to use a ControlCommand() to activate IFTTT applets

How to add the IFTTT Sender robot skill

  1. Load the most recent release of ARC (Get ARC).
  2. Press the Project tab from the top menu bar in ARC.
  3. Press Add Robot Skill from the button ribbon bar in ARC.
  4. Choose the Misc category tab.
  5. Press the IFTTT Sender icon to add the robot skill to your project.

Don't have a robot yet?

Follow the Getting Started Guide to build a robot and use the IFTTT Sender robot skill.

How to use the IFTTT Sender robot skill

Please note that this plugin only handles the sending of messages to IFTTT. If you plan on receiving messages from IFTTT, take a look at this tutorial:

As this is my first plugin, it may be a bit rough... feedback and advice welcomed. Thanks to DJ Sures for the great plugin tutorial and sample code.

User-inserted image

  • Click on My Applets User-inserted image

  • Click on New Applet User-inserted image

  • Click the "If This" clauseUser-inserted image

  • Choose Maker Webhooks channel User-inserted image

  • Choose a trigger- receive a web request User-inserted image

  • Enter an Event Name- Remember this exact name for use in your EZB script. In my example, I chose office_light_on Click Create trigger User-inserted image

  • Click Then That User-inserted image

  • Choose Action Service- in may case, SmartThings.. you could chose anything e.g. WeMo User-inserted image

  • The rest of the steps are SmartThings specific... Choose ActionUser-inserted image

  • I picked Switch On User-inserted image

  • Finally- Finished with IFTTT side User-inserted image

  • Now, unto setting up the Plugin..... In your EZB project, add the IFTTT Sender Plugin User-inserted image

  • Click the Configure button User-inserted image

  • Click the Get Key button User-inserted image

  • Copy the IFTTT key User-inserted image

  • Paste it into the form and save it User-inserted image

  • The plugin is now ready to use...

  • Create a script in your project User-inserted image

  • Right-click in your script and choose ControlCommand for IFTTT SenderUser-inserted image

  • Edit the script- use the exact Event Name you setup in the IFTTT applet. Remember to keep the quotes

User-inserted image

  • Save your script and test it User-inserted image

  • You are now ready to start using the plugin in any script... enjoy


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