Myo Gesture Armband

by Thalmic Labs

Myo Gesture Armband with support for multiple devices

How to add the Myo Gesture Armband robot skill

  1. Load the most recent release of ARC (Get ARC).
  2. Press the Project tab from the top menu bar in ARC.
  3. Press Add Robot Skill from the button ribbon bar in ARC.
  4. Choose the Remote Control category tab.
  5. Press the Myo Gesture Armband icon to add the robot skill to your project.

Don't have a robot yet?

Follow the Getting Started Guide to build a robot and use the Myo Gesture Armband robot skill.

How to use the Myo Gesture Armband robot skill

Myo Gesture Armband with support for multiple devices. This will allow control of your servos and script variables with Thalmic Labs Myo. The gesture and accelerometer data are mapped to both servos and script variables. Much like how the Wii Controller works with ARC, this is very similar. The benefit on this armband is that it physically attaches to your arms, giving you the ability to have the robot mimic your movements without having to hold a controller or push buttons. Simply move your arm and hand around.

Download & Install Driver
1) Get the Thalmic Labs Myo driver (v1.0.1) by clicking here (Required)
2) Install the driver 
3) Launch the Myo tool included with the driver to configure and test the armband

*Note: ARC will crash if the above Thalmic Labs Myo driver is not installed prior to adding the robot skill. We understand it’s inconvenient, however, the manufacturer is no longer in business and therefore does not support the discontinued product. Just install the driver above and everything will work as expected.

The version of Myo Connect that is downloadable above is 1.0.1 and is mandatory to be installed for this robot skill to work. Do not find a random Myo driver installer from the internet and expect it to work. The version must match due to the way Thalmic Labs developed the Myo driver's integration with their API. 
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Main Window

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1. Device Drop-down
This drop-down shows the Myo Armband devices that are available to be used by the Myo Gesture Armband Skill

2. Center Button
Centers the Accelerometer values in the Accelerometer readout.

3. Pause Checkbox
When checked it pauses the gesture detection. When unchecked it pauses the Accelerometer readout.

4. Accelerometer Readout

This is a visual display of the Myo Armband accelerometer readings. Use the Center Button to reset the red display dot to the center.

5. Status Readout
This is a text based display of the status of the Myo Armband. It displays what the Myo Armband is doing and the gestures that are detected. 

Settings - Accelerometer Tab

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1. Use Servos with Accelerometer Checkbox
This checkbox allows you to choose between controlling the servos with the Myo accelerometer or controlling a script.

2. Disable Pausing with Thumb/Pinky Gesture Checkbox
This checkbox allows you to enable/disable the pause button using the finger click gesture if it is unchecked.

3. Accelerometer servo Control

This section is only available to modify when the "Use Servos with Accelerometer" checkbox is checked. It allows you to set up servo movement parameters such as servo port, board index, servo configuration, max/min degree limitations, multiple servo control, and inverted direction. The X and Y-axis servos will be controlled by the accelerometer in the Myo Armband.

4.Tracking scripts

5. Accelerometer Sensitivity Drop-down
This section is only available to modify when the "Use Servos with Accelerometer" checkbox is unchecked. The drop-down allows you to adjust the sensitivity value for how much of the accelerometer values have to change by the chosen magnitude before the accelerometer script is executed.

6. Accelerometer Script
This script executes when the accelerometer values change by the sensitivity value chosen.

7. Accelerometer Variables
This section assigns the X and Y axis accelerometer values to customizable variable names.

Settings - Poses Tab

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1. Poses Scripts
Assign a script that will execute when each of the poses is detected on the Myo Armband.

How to Use Myo Gesture Armband

1) Install the Myo drivers, install Myo Connect, and put the Armband on one of your arms.

2) When Myo Connect asks you to register, just skip the registration portion as it's impossible to register now because the Armband is discontinued. 

3) Add the Myo Gesture Armband skill to your ARC project (Project -> Add Skill -> Misc -> Myo Gesture Armband).

4) In the skill's configuration menu set up any servos you would like to control and scripts that you'd like to execute with gestures.

5) Double-tap your finger to your thumb to unlock the Myo Armband in order to use gestures. The Myo will detect the first gesture you make and then go back to being locked.

6) If you would like the armband to stay unlocked right click on the Myo symbol in your taskbar and select Application Manager. At the top of the Application, the manager makes Presentation Mode active and the Myo Armband will stay unlocks and detect gestures as you make them.

7) Start moving your arm with the Myo Armband on it to control servos and gesture with your hand to activate scripts.



This skill requires the Myo drivers to be installed and the Myo Armband connected to your computer. If these requirements are not met, this skill may crash ARC. However, remember that this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and their drivers may not be hosted forever.

This skill supports multiple Myo armbands to be connected to the PC. Each armband requires its own instance of this skill. Multiple skills can be added by clicking Project -> Add Skill -> Misc -> Myo Gesture Armband. 

Once you have installed the drivers, connected, and configured the Myo Armband, this skill will let you assign servos to movement and scripts to poses.


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#1   — Edited
Note:  computer needs a GPU installed or a modern on board graphics processor as it uses GPU cores to process with OpenGL. MYO drivers will not install if no GPU. It will not add to the desktop in ARC without drivers running. Install drivers and Test with MYO first.  I can confirm it works fine in current 2021.01.22 version of ARC on windows 10.   

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