Python Functions



In addition to the built-in python libraries, ARC includes several classes with methods to control your robot, read sensors, interact with the operating system, and more. To view built-in ARC Python methods…


1)    Check the intellisense checkbox.


2)    Type one of the following class names, press ‘.’ and scroll through the available methods.


ADC – EZB analog to digital converter functions

Audio – streaming audio functions

COM – local serial COM port functions

Digital – EZB digital I/O functions

EZB – EZB specific functions for getting voltage and checking connection, etc.

File – writing and reading local files

I2C – EZB I2C helper functions

Movement – movement panel control of directions

Net – networking functions

Ping – EZB ultrasonic distance sensor functions

PWM – EZB pulse width modulation on digital I/O pins

Servo – EZB servo movement functions

UART – EZB hardware UART and software Serial functions

Utility – various utility functions