RGB Eyes

Link: https://youtu.be/wvMHZ1NPT24

This Roll-out Video includes:

  1. Feature set
  2. Hook-up guide
  3. Using ARC Skill
  4. Schematic overview
  5. Bill of Materials (BOM) overview
  6. Custom firmware location
  7. Assembly instructions
The RGB Eyes reference design consists of a pair of 3 x 3 RGB LED matrices that can be controlled be easily controlled by ARC to display robot animations and emotions. A unique feature of this display is that it uses an on-board microcontroller to PWM drive all the LEDs which uses a low amount of current. This project requires licensing. Please Contact Us for more information.


  • I2C communication
  • Adjustable I2C address for chaining multiple displays
  • Programming header
  • 5V tolerant I/O pins
  • ARC skill available
  • Voltage requirement: 3.2-3.4VDC (3.3V Typical)
  • Current draw: All LEDs off - 6mA, All Blue - 8.4mA, All Green - 8.2mA, All Red - 12mA, All White - 14.6mA
  • Dimensions: 65.8(W) x 33(L) x 9.4(H) (mm)
  • Weight: 8g

  • Major Components

  • PIC16F1937 8-bit PIC microcontroller (custom firmware provided)
  • PLCC4RGBCT-CA RGB LED 3528 Common Anode

  • Manufacturing Notes

  • Supplier: programs custom firmware into the PIC16F1937 at their facility before sending to manufacturer
  • Manufacturer: Single side placement and soldering of SMT components
  • Manufacturer: Single Side soldering of THT components

  • Photos

    ARC Skill

    The ARC RGB Animator skill is very easy to use. Create shapes, patterns, emotions, and animations with the simple click of a mouse button or with code!

    Link: https://synthiam.com/Software/Manual/RGB-Animator-16079