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Machine Learning

Exosphere v60

By Synthiam
Exosphere combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and human assistance to give autonomous behaviors to cloud robotics.

TCP Script Server Raw v5

TCP Script Server Raw
By Synthiam
TCP server that listens for script commands.
Movement Panels

Ohmnilabs Standalone v11

Ohmnilabs Standalone
By Synthiam
This skill connects the Ohmnilabs Telepresence Robot servo/wheel hardware with ARC.

Tiny Yolo2 v8

Tiny Yolo2
By Synthiam Inc.
Object detection is fundemental to computer vision: Recognize what the objects are inside the robot camera and also where they are in the image.
Artificial Intelligence

Bot Libre v8

Bot Libre
By Synthiam Inc.
Powerful AIML2 chatbot client for ARC using the Bot Libre opensource cloud service

Avatar JD v9

Avatar JD
By goldenbot
Avatar JD is a Virtual 3D version of JD Humanoid. You can move this Avatar JD to move your real JD Robot. Also, when you move your real robot Avatar JD will...
Movement Panels

Irobot Roomba Movement Panel v11

Irobot Roomba Movement Panel
By Synthiam Inc.
Control the iRobot Roomba and read sensor data

Prevent PC Sleep v2

Prevent PC Sleep
By Synthiam Inc.
Prevents the PC from entering sleep mode.

Kinect Body Control v9

Kinect Body Control
By Synthiam
Control robot servos using your body and a Microsoft Kinect
Artificial Intelligence

Vader Sentiment Analysis v5

Vader Sentiment Analysis
By Synthiam Inc.
VADER (Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner) is a lexicon and rule-based sentiment analysis tool that is specifically attuned to sentiments expressed...

Picture In Picture v7

Picture In Picture
By Synthiam Inc
Super impose a camera image on another camera image

Augmented Reality v9

Augmented Reality
By Synthiam
Overlay images on detected objects, colors, faces and more.