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The Synthiam Skill Store is the perfect place to find new robot skills for your ARC software. With industry experts creating these skills, you can easily make a robot that performs all sorts of tasks.

You may also create a robot skill or learn how to add them to a robot.

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The ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) category in Synthiam ARC provides the capability to read analog signals from sensors, converting real-world signals into digital data. This is essential for interfacing with analog sensors and devices, allowing robots to gather precise data from the physical environment.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence category in Synthiam ARC empowers robots with advanced cognitive abilities. Through integration with AI services, robots can recognize objects, understand speech, and make intelligent decisions. This skill category opens up a realm of possibilities for creating smart and responsive robotic systems.


The Audio category in Synthiam ARC enables robots to interact with their surroundings through sound. It includes features such as speech synthesis, audio playback, and voice recognition. This skill set is crucial for creating robots that can communicate effectively using auditory cues.


The Camera category in Synthiam ARC facilitates visual perception for robots. With camera-related functionalities, robots can capture images, process visual data, and perform tasks such as object recognition and tracking. This category is fundamental for developing vision-based robotic applications.


The Communication category in Synthiam ARC focuses on enabling robots to interact and exchange information with other devices. This includes communication protocols, data sharing, and network connectivity. It is crucial for building robots that can collaborate and communicate in various environments.


The Digital category in Synthiam ARC deals with digital signal processing and manipulation. It includes functions for working with digital sensors, logic operations, and data processing. This skill set is essential for handling digital information in robotic applications.


The Display category in Synthiam ARC allows robots to present information visually. It includes features for controlling displays, showing images, and rendering graphical content. This skill set is valuable for creating robots that can convey information to users in a clear and engaging manner.


The Games category in Synthiam ARC introduces entertainment and gaming elements to robotic platforms. It includes functionalities for creating interactive games and activities that engage users with the robot. This category adds a playful dimension to the robot's capabilities.


The General category in Synthiam ARC encompasses a wide range of general-purpose robot skills. It includes versatile functionalities that can be applied across different robotic applications, providing a foundation for building custom behaviors and features.


The GPS (Global Positioning System) category in Synthiam ARC enables robots to determine their precise geographical location. This is essential for applications that require navigation, mapping, and location-based decision-making. Robots equipped with GPS capabilities can navigate autonomously in various environments.


The Graphs category in Synthiam ARC focuses on visualizing data through graphical representations. It includes tools for creating charts, graphs, and visual displays of information. This skill set is useful for presenting complex data in a comprehensible manner.


The I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) category in Synthiam ARC facilitates communication between devices using the I2C protocol. This skill set is crucial for connecting and interacting with a variety of sensors and peripherals in a robotics system.

Infrared Distance

The Infrared Distance category in Synthiam ARC enables robots to measure distances using infrared sensors. This is essential for obstacle avoidance, navigation, and proximity sensing. Robots equipped with this capability can interact safely in dynamic environments.


The Misc (Miscellaneous) category in Synthiam ARC includes a collection of miscellaneous robot skills that don't fit into specific categories. It provides a versatile toolkit for handling various tasks and functionalities in robotic applications.

Movement Panels

The Movement Panels category in Synthiam ARC focuses on controlling and managing the movement of robots. It includes features for controlling motors, wheels, and other actuators, allowing robots to navigate and move in a controlled manner. There can only be one movement panel per project. <a href="/Support/ARC-Overview/movement-panels">Movement Panel Details</a>


The Navigation category in Synthiam ARC is dedicated to enabling robots to navigate and move autonomously. It includes functionalities such as path planning, obstacle avoidance, and localization. This skill set is crucial for developing robots capable of exploring and navigating complex environments.


The Power category in Synthiam ARC focuses on managing and monitoring the power aspects of robots. It includes features for monitoring battery levels, managing power consumption, and implementing power-related behaviors. This skill set is essential for ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of robotic systems.


The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) category in Synthiam ARC facilitates precise control of actuators such as motors and servos by adjusting the duty cycle of the signal. This skill set is crucial for achieving fine-grained control over the movement and position of robotic components.


The Rafiki category in Synthiam ARC introduces social and emotional interaction capabilities to robots. It includes features for recognizing emotions, responding empathetically, and engaging in social interactions. This category adds a human touch to robotic interactions.

Remote Control

The Remote Control category in Synthiam ARC enables robots to be controlled remotely by users. It includes functionalities for remote operation, telepresence, and remote monitoring. This skill set is valuable for scenarios where direct user control or observation is required.


The Scripting category in Synthiam ARC empowers users to create custom scripts and behaviors for robots. It includes scripting languages and tools that allow users to define complex and customized robot actions, expanding the flexibility and capabilities of robotic systems. Here are the manuals for <a href="/Support/javascript-api/javascript-overview">JavaScript</a>, <a href="/Support/python-api/python-overview">Python</a>, <a href="/Support/ez-script-api/ezscript">EZ-Script</a>, <a href="/Support/Programming/block-coding/Blockly">Blockly</a>, and <a href="/Support/Programming/block-coding/RoboScratch">RoboScratch</a>.


The Servo category in Synthiam ARC focuses on controlling servo motors, allowing precise control over the rotational movement of robotic components. This skill set is essential for tasks requiring accurate and controlled motion in robotic applications.


Ultrasonic Distance

The Ultrasonic Distance category in Synthiam ARC enables robots to measure distances using ultrasonic sensors. This is valuable for applications such as obstacle avoidance, object detection, and proximity sensing. Robots equipped with this capability can navigate and interact safely in various environments.

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality category in Synthiam ARC introduces immersive virtual experiences to robots. It includes features for integrating virtual reality technologies, allowing robots to interact with virtual environments and providing users with unique and engaging experiences.

Kinect Body Control v10

Kinect Body Control
By Microsoft
Control robot servos using your body and a Microsoft Kinect

Full Screen Video Player v9

Full Screen Video Player
By Synthiam
Play videos in a fullscreen window that sits on top of everything else. Great for facial animations or user messages.

The Better Navigator v34

The Better Navigator
By Synthiam
Improved version of The Navigator based on Hector SLAM, with more features and path finding.

Conversational Menu v9

Conversational Menu
By Synthiam
Have a verbal conversation with your robot using your voice by navigating through menu options so your robot can perform tasks.

Roll Pitch Yaw v2

Roll Pitch Yaw
By ptp
Plugin to visualize the Euler Angles (Roll, Pitch, Yaw).

Advanced Speech Recognition v40

Advanced Speech Recognition
By Microsoft
This is an alternative to the Bing Speech Recognition module for ARC. This skill is a paid service from Microsoft.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition
By Synthiam
Using the Microsoft Windows Speech Recognition Engine, this skill uses your computers default audio input device and listens for known phrases. Phrases are...
Artificial Intelligence

Openai Chatgpt v14

Openai Chatgpt
By OpenAI
Chat GPT is OpenAI’s most advanced system, producing safer and more useful responses for your robot

Azure Text To Speech v7

Azure Text To Speech
By Microsoft
Enable fluid, natural-sounding text to speech that matches the intonation and emotion of human voices.

Lewansoul Servo v29

Lewansoul Servo
By LewanSoul
Control LewanSoul digital smart servos from the EZ-B UART or PC COM Serial Port
Virtual Reality

Oculus Quest Robot v10

Oculus Quest Robot
By Meta
Use Meta Quest 2 VR headsets to control robots by viewing their cameras and manipulating servos with natural hand gestures or controllers. This skill brings a...

Stepper Servo v21

Stepper Servo
By Synthian Inc.
Control up to 127 stepper motors as servos with speed and acceleration.