Link: https://youtu.be/czC40y7L5Ys

This Roll Out video includes:

  1. Feature set
  2. Hook-up guide
  3. Using ARC Skills
  4. Schematic overview
  5. Bill of Materials (BOM) overview
  6. Assembly instructions
The Voltmeter reference design measures the source voltage of a supply or signal and converts it to a 0 - 3.3VDC voltage that can be read by an I/O controller ADC pin. A unique feature of this design is that it has reverse polarity protection. We want to share these files with you so you can create your own!


  • Multimeter Lead input with Flexible silicone wire
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • PCB can alternately be used with Banana Jacks
  • Green Power LED
  • Voltage requirement: 0-17.5VDC input
  • Wire Length: 34"
  • Dimensions: 26.3(W) x 30.8(L) x 9.2(H) (mm) PCB
  • Weight: 58g

  • Major Components

  • D2275 Set of Multimeter probes
  • 1N4448W-TP 75V 250mA reverse polarity Diode (low leakage current)

  • Manufacturing Notes

  • Manufacturer: Single side placement and soldering of SMT components
  • Manufacturer: Single Side soldering of THT components

  • Resources

    Documentation: Schematic PDF, BOM

    Hardware: Altium PCB design File, Altium SCH Design File, Gerbers

    Altium Libraries are also available here


    ARC Skill

    The ARC ADC skills are very easy to use with the Voltmeter. Read or graph the voltage values with the simple click of a mouse button or with code.
    Link: https://synthiam.com/Products/Controls/Adc