Education Purchase Information

There may be grants and programs with your ministry for STEM purchases as an educational institution. Some grants may require applications to be completed to qualify. Synthiam has trained staff to work with your team to participate in grant writing to help reduce ARC Subscription costs. In addition, some schools require a product presentation demonstrating capabilities to the decision-makers. Synthiam is always excited to provide demos of our software and its educational value of robot and programming literacy.

Why Synthiam ARC For Your School

Volume License Discounts

Synthiam is the most popular robot software platform - and we want to ensure your students learn the best robotics and programming literacy. Our team will work with you to arrange a volume license that fits your budget. If you are considering an ARC volume subscription, we will provide you with a trial and assign an associate to understand your requirements for volume usage.

Synthiam Makes Teaching Robotics Easy

Robotics is a vast industry involving AI/ML, electronics, programming, engineering mathematics, physics, and human interface design. We understand how overwhelming it is to teach robotics without knowing where to start. Because robotics is an emerging industry, we recognize that people traditionally struggle to learn robotics by locating examples and online tutorials. Additionally, many internet examples are application/hardware-specific and require prior knowledge about dependencies that may be out-of-scope to your educational outcomes.

However, to ensure the most significant success from Synthiam's education partners, we assign an associate to understand your needs. Hence, examples and tutorials are easily attainable to avoid disrupting our education activities.

For example, you may require samples of implementing a navigation solution as a volume subscription partner. Your Synthiam associate will locate the documentation and tutorials on Synthiam's website. Our team occasionally creates one if tutorials do not exist because our content is influenced by maintaining a relationship with users.

If you'd like to speak with an associate, let us know, and we'll get you to accelerate your organization's STEM & robotics courses.

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W9 Forms

Synthiam is a Canadian federal corporation and cannot provide W9 US tax forms. (read more)


You can download Synthiam's completed W-8BEN-E form here.

How Can We Help?

Let us know how we can help put Synthiam ARC in your classroom or school. We can participate in grant writing, provide demos to decision-makers, and arrange volume license discounts.

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What kind of robot do you want to teach with?

Working with Synthiam provides access to our 300+ technology and robot partners. Your assigned associate will be the only contact needed for advice on products that fit your educational outcomes and how to purchase at volume.

1. Use a Robot Product

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

ARC will let you program a pre-built robot product or a kit. This option gets you to program a robot directly out of the box with low effort. Here are a few popular robot ARC-compatible products. Select a robot product to view information purchase links and manuals.

AdventureBot from EZ-Robot

Two wheeled WiFi enabled robot with camera. Built with EZ-Bits! By using the same WiFi EZ-B v4 brain as higher cost Revolution robots, this...

AR Parrot Drone from Parrot

The AR Parrot Drone is a flying quadcopter toy that our ARC Software can control. Establish a WiFi connection to the drone from your...

Balance Robot from Sain

The Sain Smart v3 balance robot is an inverted pendulum. Technically, you can use the hardware from this robot, combined with ARC, to...

Bioloid from Robotis

The Robotis Bioloid humanoid robot uses AX-12 servos, that can be controlled by a number of various Synthiam supported controllers. Such as...

Darwin Mini from Robotis

The ROBOTIS MINI is an ARC compatible miniaturized humanoid robot featuring 16 XL-320 Dynamixel servos, the OpenCM9.04 32-bit ARM...

EZ-InMoov Robot Head from EZ-Robot & Gael Langevin

The EZ-InMoov Humanoid Head is a do-it-yourself educational robot head designed for enthusiasts, educators, and researchers interested in...

JD Humanoid from EZ-Robot

JD is a fully functional humanoid robot kit built with ez-bits and invented in Canada. This WiFi enabled humanoid robot is easy, fun and...

Roli Rover from EZ-Robot

Roli is a very customizable WiFi enabled planetary rover style robot kit, with 13 female ez-bit connections for additional ez-bits. Much...

Roomba from iRobot

The iRobot Roomba makes a great platform to get started with your EZ-Robot Complete Kit. Enable fantastic features to turn your boring...

Shell-e from EZ-Robot

Using a 3D Printer, you can build and customize your robot pet! Integrate design, 3-D printing, electronics, and coding into your STEAM...

Six Hexapod from EZ-Robot

This hexapod robot kit is a creative robot platform invented in Canada. Assembled with ez-bits, Six is a very customizable WiFi enabled...

Sphero from Sphero

Sphero is a remote control toy ball with Bluetooth connectivity that can be controlled by ARC. Using ARC gives you the ability to add many...

Telepresence Robot from Ohmnilabs

Telepresence made easy. The Ohmni telepresence robot lets you be anywhere in the world in just one click. The new Ohmni Supercam contains...

Tello Drone from DJI

Tello is an impressive and affordable little drone thats a blast to fly and helps users learn about drones with coding education. The...

TurtleBot 3 from Robotis

TurtleBot is derived from the Turtle robot, driven by the educational computer programming language Logo in 1967. TurtleBot, originating...

2. Make a DIY Robot

Skill Level: Advanced

Making a DIY robot has traditionally been a daunting task. Synthiam shines for helping you make DIY robots with the most accessible robot software that anyone can use. Even better is that our ARC software supports using several popular hardware options, allowing more time to focus on innovative features for your robot.

We have created a step-by-step Getting Started Guide to make a DIY robot - press the button and get started!

Make a DIY Robot