Humidity Sensor

The Humidity sensor reference design is used to accurately measure relative humidity (RH) in percent and it also measures temperature in degrees Celsius. A unique feature of this reference design is that it takes the digital readout from the HDC1080 and converts it to analog so that it can easily be read by a variety of microcontroller boards. It also has an on-board select button, along with RGB LED mode indicator, to allow the output reading for either humidity or temperature to be selected. We want to share these files with you so you can create your own!


  • Analog output
  • RGB Status LED
  • Humidity/Temp Mode Button
  • PIC programming port
  • 3.3V voltage regulator on-board
  • Voltage requirement: 3.2-16V (3.3V typical)
  • Current draw: 0.43mA
  • Dimensions: 27.3(W) x 39.4(L) x 7.5(H) (mm)
  • Weight: 3g

  • Major Components

  • PIC16F1704-I/ST PIC Microcontroller (custom firmware provided)
  • HDC1080 Digital Humidity Sensor
  • SPX3819M5-L-3-3/TR 3.3V Regulator

  • Manufacturing Notes

  • Supplier: programs custom firmware into the PIC16F1704-I/ST at their facility before sending to manufacturer
  • Manufacturer: Single side placement and soldering of SMT components

  • Resources

    Documentation: Schematic PDF, Datasheet PDF, BOM

    Hardware: Altium PCB design File, Altium SCH Design File

    Altium Libraries are also available here