IPS Transmitter

The IPS transmitter shines a 150° invisible infrared light beam that is picked up by the Indoor Positioning System's infrared camera. A unique feature of this IR transmitter is that it has an extremely wide angle of infrared light dispersion that can be picked up even when the IPS is directly perpendicular to the LED. It also has built-in LED driver circuit that consumes less current, and generates less heat than using classic resistor current limiting. We want to share these files with you so you can create your own!


  • Combined with the IPS, this system can be used for night vision
  • Switching Power Supply LED driver circuit
  • 150° extremely wide angle infrared Light dispersion
  • ARC skill available
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Voltage requirement: 4.5-40VDC (7.4V Typical)
  • Current draw: 190mA (7.4V), 94mA (16V)
  • Dimensions: 15.9(W) x 33.4(L) x 7.1(H) (mm)
  • Weight: 3g

  • Major Components

  • AL8861WT-7 LED Driver
  • LTE-R38386A-ZF-U IR Emitter 850nm 1A 150° Lens

  • Manufacturing Notes

  • Manufacturer: Single side placement and soldering of SMT components

  • This project pairs with the Indoor Positioning System: https://github.com/synthiam/E-39_Indoor_Positioning_System


    Documentation: Schematic PDF, Datasheet PDF, BOM, Assembly PDF

    Hardware: Altium PCB design File, Altium SCH Design File, Gerbers

    Altium Libraries are also available here


    ARC Skill

    The ARC skill for this reference design is very easy to use. Simply click on the area you'd like the robot to move to and it moves there!

    Link: https://synthiam.com/Software/Manual/Indoor-Positioning-System-17492