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Give robots the ability to perform autonomous tasks by combining artificial intelligence with human operators.

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Step into a Future of Autonomous Excellence with Synthiam Exosphere: Revolutionizing the Way Machines Operate. This innovative AI technology paves the path for robots to seamlessly collaborate with human operators, offering unmatched potential for tackling arduous or hazardous tasks beyond the capabilities of independent AI. Whether you aim to optimize your factory floor automation or pioneer groundbreaking home assistance robots, Synthiam Exosphere emerges as the definitive solution to fuel your aspirations.

Remotely operate a trial robot and build your rating before controlling customer robots. We recommend selecting a beginner task if this is your first time.

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Use the on-screen joystick, keyboard arrow keys, or a USB gamepad (like an Xbox controller connected to your PC) to operate the robot. Compatible with Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox browsers. The speed of your internet connection will affect responsiveness.

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