HTTP Server

How to add the HTTP Server robot skill

  1. Load the most recent release of ARC (Get ARC).
  2. Press the Project tab from the top menu bar in ARC.
  3. Press Add Robot Skill from the button ribbon bar in ARC.
  4. Choose the Remote Control category tab.
  5. Press the HTTP Server icon to add the robot skill to your project.

Don't have a robot yet?

Follow the Getting Started Guide to build a robot and use the HTTP Server robot skill.

How to use the HTTP Server robot skill

Remote control of the ARC Application (and your desktop) over a web browser. Use the Config button to load the configuration window. Specify the TCP Port and usernames for authentication. The default port of the HTTP server is set to 80. If you already have an HTTP server listening on port 80, there will be an error message in the status window when starting the ARC HTTP server.

Main Menu Features

  • Remote Control: View the ARC screen and interact with it via left mouse clicks. Using this feature on the same PC as ARC will produce unusable results. Only use this feature on remote devices.
  • Movement: Provides a simple movement interface that controls whichever movement panel is added to your project.
  • Camera List: Lists the cameras currently added to your project and links to view them.
  • Script Console: A console to send EZ-Script commands to the HTTP Server and interact with other controls using the ControlCommand() syntax. Information on how to send ez-script via the HTTP URL is also provided on this page.
  • Session List: Displays the sessions interacting with this HTTP server instance by IP Address and username.
  • About: Information about the HTTP Server and ARC.

Remote Script Execution

You can execute scripts remotely, including starting other robot skills using the ControlCommand(). If you view the Script Console page, instructions on how to execute scripts remotely will be displayed. We'll cover that here as well.

  1. Circled at the top of the screenshot is where you can manually enter EZ-Script commands. By typing a command into the textbox, press OK, and it will send the command to ARC and execute it.
  2. The list of available control commands is on the right of the script console page. All control commands for all robot skills are displayed here. This is for convenience when selecting control commands to execute. Use the mouse to copy and paste the control command into the script input box and press OK. That will execute the command.
  3. Lastly, the instructions for remote webhooks are circled at the bottom of this Script Console page. You can execute a command programmatically by a remote system. Follow the instructions to format a URL to execute the command. The command can be any EZ-Script command or a ControlCommand(). To send EZ-Script commands directly through a web or HTTP interface, the URL can be formatted as HTTP:///Exec?password=&script=. An example that will return two servo positions with a comma separating the values is"GetServo(D5), GetServo(D6)").

Internet Access

To access your HTTP server remotely with a router, consult the router's instruction manual on port forwarding.

Custom HTTP Server

This HTTP Server control provides static web pages for interacting with ARC. For custom web pages, use the HTTP Server (Custom) control.



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#1   — Edited

What web browser are you using to connect to this robot skill?

did either of the videos in this manual page help you?


What error are you seeing in the web browser when you type in the IP address to connect to this robot skill?

I believe the error you posted appears to be from an ARC connection control, which isn’t part of this robot skill.  So I’ll need to see the error from the web browser

did the videos help at all to use this robot skill?


Telnet is not the same port as http. HTTP is port 80. You’ll need to open port 80. Start the web server robot skill on the correct port. And then in your web browser visit the IP address.

im unable to diagnose your specific network configuration. However, use the http server from your web browser locally first. If it works locally, then you’ll have to figure out why it doesn’t work with port forwarding remotely.

do the videos help at all?

#4   — Edited

To clarify, on your local network you can connect to this ARC robot skill using a web browser? Are you on the same computer as ARC or a different computer (or phone)?

if you can use this robot skill from a different computer, this robot skill will also work with router tcp port forwarding. Ensure the port forward is setup with the correct port for the source and destination.

When you watch the videos, are you able to produce the same result? On the local network, you can successfully use this robot skill?

if you’re having networking issues, an alternative remote access that doesn’t require network configuration would be to use Exosphere. Here’s the manual:


Very Cool skill! I am in and see the screen on remote Mac computer but have a couple issues. It is showing it about 2x zoomed in so I don't actually see everything that is on the original screen. Also from the remote screen I cannot control/move anything on the original screen. I tried it from my iPhone and it is the same thing. This will be a skill that I will be using very often, and it's great just need some help to figure out these couple issues.


Has anyone tried to implement this skill lately? I have a feeling there is a glitch with the skill. Have requested the Synthiam help, but it went unfulfilled.


Your resolution or magnification mode needs to be turned off on the devices.


As much as I would really like to say it did the trick, it did not work The magnification and resolution were already turned off  I tried it on a couple different computers, and it was the same thing.  One of them was a Mac, and the other was a typical Lenovo.  Could you have someone at your office try it on their computer and see if they get similar results or if it is just me  I was thinking, maybe it is similar to what Google/Mac does when they share a video on a iPhone whereas it reduces the picture

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


It looks like this is being replaced by the Remote UI App. I wish it would hurry up and pass a review from Apple. It's been almost two months, maybe longer!