Screen Resolution

The minimum screen resolution for ARC is 1024x768 at 100% scaling. Ideally, the recommended resolution for ARC is 1920x1080 or higher at 100% scaling. For 4k monitors, a scaling of 150% or 175% may be sufficient. Scaling will increase the size of fonts and buttons on the screen, leaving less space for additional robot skills.

Resolution Scaling

Microsoft Windows has a feature to configure scale sizing, which will affect ARC's interface. If the scale sizing is set larger than recommended (100-125%), there will be less screen real-estate for robot skills, and scrollbars will be used. Restore the scaling size of Windows to the recommended sizing by following these steps...

Step 1

Right-click with the mouse on your desktop to display the properties menu. Select SCREEN RESOLUTION -or DISPLAY SETTINGS (depending on the version of Windows).

Step 2

Locate the option for changing the size of text, apps, and other items. Select a reasonable scaling option of either 100% or 125% based on the resolution.