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What is a Robot Skill?

ARC apps consist of Robot Skill Controls. Each skill is a behavior for the robot, similar to a process (or node). There are skills for Cameras, Speech Recognition, Machine Learning, and hundreds more. Skills can be added to a project workspace using the Add Skill option located in the Project tab of the main menu.

By combining multiple skills, robots can perform advanced and complex tasks. Robot skills come in two flavors...

  1. Built-In Robot Skills - These are skills developed by Synthiam that are included with ARC installation and cannot be removed.
  2. Plugin Robot Skills - Developed by third parties and may be added/removed from the ARC software through the Synthiam Skill Store.

Here is a screenshot of an example ARC project demonstrating multiple robot skill controls. Each skill control is performing a specific function of the robot. Pro user's projects may contain an unlimited number of skills (as PC memory allows). Read more about robot skills here.