EZB Manager

The ARC.EZBManager is a helper class that makes accessing I/O very easy, by doing the complicated work for you. Within the EZBManager are methods to read adc, read digital, set digital, set servo positions, etc..

The ARC.EZBManager also has an array of EZB objects. Each EZB object is a physical EZB. This is an array because the user’s project can have up to 128 EZ-B’s defined. It’s always safe to assume that the first (index zero) EZ-B is default, which is why EZBManager.EZBs[0] is commonly used for raw commands that are not using the EZBManager helper methods.

It is highly recommended to use the ARC.EZBManager instead of raw commands directly to the EZB. Here are some examples of using the ARC methods, to demonstrate how much more convenient they are for moving servos, specifically...


ARC.EZBManager.SetServoPosition(_cf.SERVOS[ConfigurationDictionary._VERTICAL_SERVOS], 20);

ARC.EZBManager.SetServoIncrement(_cf.SERVOS[ConfigurationDictionary._HORIZONTAL_SERVOS], -1);