Bioloid by Robotis

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The Robotis Bioloid humanoid robot uses AX-12 servos, that can be controlled by a number of various Synthiam supported controllers. Such as the Open CM 9.04, Open CR, LattePanda, EZ-Robot EZ-B v4, EZ-Robot IoTiny, and Arduino Leonardo. Some controllers, such as the EZ-Robot EZ-B v4, IoTiny and LattePanda have options for adding cameras to give the Robotis Bioloid vision capabilities. To get started with this robot, you simply need to pick a controller that supports dynamixel AX-12 servos with Synthiam's ARC. That's any of the controllers listed here. Follow the instructions on the controller page to get Synthiam operating with it.

Several tutorial hacks below for this robot provide instructions to get started and give this robot new superpowers with Synthiam. Such as controlling the robot with a Microsoft Kinect, creating a walking gait with the Auto Position, or connecting AX-12 servos directly to a Raspberry Pi.


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I just want to say to a great guy named DJ Sures and his friend Jeremy, thank you both. Because ive finally got it to work both Ez4 and the Dymanixel. It's been a long time almost done with school what listening and learning from you guys I think your bottom of my heart. I'm still a student EZ robots still learning easy robots do learning and I hopefully one day to go and teach theĀ  kids in my community how to use Easy Builder and its products God bless both of you guys and thank you, Mike.


To DJ and Jeremy, how did you wire both ex4 and the bioloid premium battery?