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ARC provides robot builders with a toolbox of technologies for prototyping and developing robot products. The software connects to a robot and gives it "smarts" to do robot-like things, such as machine vision, movement gaits and artificial intelligence. ARC runs on a variety of hardware and operating systems, which you can install here. There's plenty of add-on behavior controls and documentation with tutorials.

  Operating System Language Support
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ARC Beta
*Experience the latest software features
Version 2020.03.26.00
windows logo
Microsoft Windows
Javascript, EZ-Script, .Net, Blockly, Roboscratch
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EZ-Builder (Deprecated)
Version 2020.01.05.00
windows logo
Microsoft Windows
EZ-Script, Javascript, .Net, Blockly, Roboscratch
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ARC Pi (Experimental)
*Less features than Windows version
Version 2020.01.11.00
Raspberry Pi logo linux logo Mac logo
Raspberry Pi, Linux, MacOS (Requires Mono)
EZ-Script, Javascript, .Net, Roboscratch
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EZ-Builder Mobile
*No longer supported
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iOS, Android
Blockly, Roboscratch
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Add skills and behaviors to your robot with the click of a mouse. Vision recognition, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and hundreds more.

Speech Recognition

Use your voice to command robot products. Add custom phrases and actions to create an unique personality.

Computer Vision

Experience the latest in machine vision. Such as object, color, emotion, and more!


Configuration menus provide customization of robot behaviors.

Rapid Development

Use easy and powerful robot programming languages, such as Javascript, C# .Net, C++, Blockly and RoboScratch.

Hardware Agnostic

Extend the power of existing robot products or build your own.

Mobile Apps

Design mobile apps for robots with the interface designer.


Combine smart avoidance controls to give robots autonomous compatibilities.

Intuitive Builder

Includes 3D printing robot designer, drag’n’drop behavior controls, virtual desktops and more... Everything you need to program amazing robotics!