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ARC Pricing

Unlock all features of ARC, including access to an unlimited number of skills, premium support and much more!


$0 per month

  • Includes 1 free plugin skill
  • Community support
  • Free for personal & education use


As Low as $8.99/mo

  • 2 or more PCs simultaneously
  • Includes unlimited skills
  • Premium support
  • And more


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  • All features of Pro
  • Unlimited seats
  • Custom features
  • And more

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Feature ARC Free ARC Pro ARC Enterprise
Usage Limitations Personal
White Label
Licensed Runtime
Contact Us
Premium Support $14.99/ticket
1 request/month
($9.99 for additional requests)
Contact Us
Feature Requests Yes Priority
Early access to new features & fixes Yes Contact Us
Simultaneous microcontroller connections* 1 255 Contact Us
Robot skills* 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Skill Store plugins* 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Auto-positions gait actions* 40 Unlimited Unlimited
Speech recongition phrases* 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Camera Devices* 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Vision Resolution max 320x240 Unlimited Unlimited
Project revision history Yes Yes
Interface Builder* 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud project size 10 MB 128 MB Contact Us
Create Exosphere Requests 50/month Contact Us
Exosphere API Access Contact Us
Volume License Discounts Contact Us Contact Us
  Contact Us
* Per robot project

ARC Downloads

  Operating System Language Support
ARC (Teams)
For schools, personal & large organizations
(Updated every 4 months)
Version 2021.02.02.00
windows logo
Microsoft Windows
JavaScript, Python, EZ-Script, .Net, C++, Blockly, Roboscratch
ARC (Early Access)
Experience the latest features and bug fixes weekly (Pro subscription required)
Version 2021.02.16.00
windows logo
Microsoft Windows
JavaScript, Python, EZ-Script, .Net, C++, Blockly, Roboscratch
ARC (Runtime)
Load and run any ARC project in read-only for free
Version 2021.02.16.00
windows logo
Microsoft Windows
JavaScript, Python, EZ-Script, .Net, C++, Blockly, Roboscratch
Visit Apple AppStore
Visit Google Play
ARC Mobile
Limited functionality
Apple Logo Android Logo
iOS, Android
Blockly, Roboscratch
See what's new in the latest versions with Release notes.

Make Robots Smarter

Add skills to your robot with the click of a mouse. Vision recognition, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and hundreds more.

Speech Recognition

Use speech to command robot products. Add custom phrases and actions to create an unique personality.

Computer Vision

Experience the latest in machine vision. Such as object, color, emotion, and more!

Hundreds more...

The robot skill store has hundreds of available skills to help learn how to make a robot smarter.

Rapid Robot Development

Use easy and powerful robot programming languages, such as Javascript, Python, C# .Net, C++, Blockly and RoboScratch.

Hardware Agnostic

Extend the power of existing robot products or build your own.

Mobile Apps

Design mobile apps for robots with the interface designer.


Combine smart avoidance controls to give robots autonomous compatibilities.

Compatible Robot Hardware

What is an EZB?
An EZB is any robot, computer, or microcontroller that accepts connections from Synthiam's ARC software to control servos, sensors, and more. Below is a list of compatible products that can be programmed as an EZB. Each supported hardware has a manual to help you learn how to make a robot with it. Additionally, the support section on this website has a "How To Make a Robot" tutorial to get started.
  Connection Servos Camera Audio
Adafruit 16 Servo Shield Adafruit 16 Servo Shield USB 16 Learn More
AR Parrot Drone AR Parrot Drone Wi-Fi yes Learn More
Arduino Due/Mega Arduino Due/Mega USB 48 Learn More
Arduino Genuino Uno Arduino Genuino Uno USB 12 Learn More
Arduino Leonardo Arduino Leonardo USB 12 Learn More
Atomic Pi Atomic Pi Wi-Fi / USB yes yes Learn More
BBC Micro:bit BBC Micro:bit USB Learn More
ESP32 Cam ESP32 Cam Wi-Fi 10 yes Learn More
Esp32 DevKit v1 Esp32 DevKit v1 Wi-Fi 25 Learn More
EZ-Robot AdventureBot EZ-Robot AdventureBot Wi-Fi / USB 2 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot EZ-B IoTiny EZ-Robot EZ-B IoTiny Wi-Fi / USB 8 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot EZ-B v3 EZ-Robot EZ-B v3 Bluetooth 24 Learn More
EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi / USB 24 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot JD Humanoid EZ-Robot JD Humanoid Wi-Fi / USB 24 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot Roli Rover EZ-Robot Roli Rover Wi-Fi / USB 10 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot Shell-e EZ-Robot Shell-e Wi-Fi 24 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot Six Hexapod EZ-Robot Six Hexapod Wi-Fi / USB 16 yes yes Learn More
iRobot Roomba iRobot Roomba Controller Dependant Learn More
LattePanda LattePanda Wi-Fi / USB 12 yes yes Learn More
Ohmnilabs Telepresence Robot Ohmnilabs Telepresence Robot Wi-Fi 1 yes yes Learn More
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi yes yes Learn More
Robotis Bioloid Robotis Bioloid USB 200 Learn More
Robotis Darwin Mini Robotis Darwin Mini USB / Bluetooth 16 Learn More
Robotis OpenCM 9.04 Robotis OpenCM 9.04 USB 200 Learn More
Robotis OpenCR Robotis OpenCR USB 200 Learn More
Rock Pi X Rock Pi X Wi-Fi / USB yes yes Learn More
SainSmart Balance Robot SainSmart Balance Robot USB Learn More
Sphero Sphero Bluetooth Learn More
Up Board Up Board Wi-Fi / USB yes yes Learn More

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Learn How To Make a Robot

ARC provides new and experienced robot customers with a toolbox of re-usable technologies for prototyping and making robot products. Robot skills are created by industry experts and published in Synthiam’s Skill Store to be used by robot builders and programmers.