Variable Voltage Supply


This Roll Out video includes:

  1. Feature set
  2. Hook-up guide
  3. Bill of Materials (BOM) overview
  4. Assembly instructions
The Variable Voltage Supply reference design takes an input voltage and converts it to a lower output voltage, and it's readout can display both voltage values. We've modified the LM2596 voltage display module from China LC Technologies to be more user friendly. We've added a 2 wire dupont input with reverse polarity protection and black & red output wires with Alligator clips. We want to share these files with you so you can create your own!


  • 2-wire voltage input with Dupont connector
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Alligator clip voltage output
  • 2 digital 7-segment Voltage display
  • Input/Output voltage display select button
  • Voltage Input requirement: 4.1-37VDC
  • Voltage Output: 1.2-37VDC
  • Current Rating: 3A (max)
  • Wire Length: 1m
  • Dimensions: 45.7(W) x 42.2(L) x 14.7(H) (mm) PCB
  • Weight: 42g

  • Major Components

  • LM2596 Voltage Display Module
  • A14050600UX1279 Red & Black cable with 2-pole female connector
  • 1M Alligator clip + Banana plug test cable
  • SB540 40V 5A Diode

  • Manufacturing Notes

  • Supplier: Provides LM2596 Voltage Display Module
  • Manufacturer: Single Side soldering of THT components + Wires + Diode

  • China LC Tech product page:


    Documentation: Assembly Instructions, BOM