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"I build robots" Hoodie

"I build robots" Hoodie

This heavy hooded sweatshirt is perfect for robot builders. The material mix of cotton and polyester provides warmth...
Train Vision Object By Script by Synthiam
By Synthiam

Train Vision Object By Script

Enable real-time object vision training using scripts

The R7 Droid Project by GotRobbed
By GotRobbed

The R7 Droid Project

When I say movie robot whats the first thing that comes to mind? If youre like most people, you are probably thinking R2D2! R2 has become...

Nomad's Remix Inmoove Head

Nomads Remix Inmoove Head

hi all Ive created a modified version of the EZ Robot head, featuring both side-to-side and up-and-down (yes) movements. This new design includes an improved base for...
Johnnybib's Edi Mech Warrior

Johnnybibs Edi Mech Warrior

Hello! You may have seen on the Shop EDI Mech Warrior! This robot was designed by the one and only ezrobot intern (me)! With legs, wheels, and an elastic band cannon,...
Chris9's Jd's Adventures At Microsoft

Chris9s Jds Adventures At Microsoft

Our Microsoft team recently picked up a few of the EZ Robot Developer kits as part of an innovation project exercise lead by one of our MACH Program...
DJ's Tamiya Bulldozer Robot

DJs Tamiya Bulldozer Robot

This is a tutorial on how to modify the Tamiya Bulldozer to be driven by modified servos rather than the DC motorset. The software controlling this robot is ARC....
Ezang's New Video - Using Floor Map And Touch Path Maps And Navigator For Simple Path Following  With Audio

Ezangs New Video - Using Floor Map And Touch Path Maps And Navigator For Simple Path Following With Audio

I am using...
Rickymahk2013's MARK X

Rickymahk2013s MARK X

After years of experimentation, I have finally launched my first robotic product. The success remains uncertain, but I have fulfilled our longstanding ambition! If you are...
Rickymahk2013's Mark 1 Robot

Rickymahk2013s Mark 1 Robot

Hello everyone, These two years are not easy for everyone! But I believe that it will be get well soon! I am Ricky Ma, I come from Hong Kong and immigrated to...
DJ's The Real Wall-E

DJs The Real Wall-E

Its been a very crazy past few weeks. I took a day off today. Yes! I admit it. I took a day off... And I built a robot :) Felt great to be back in the hacking saddle! This Wall-E...
Louis's The Real Wall-E By Louis T

Louiss The Real Wall-E By Louis T

Inspired by DJ Sures and many other Wall-E projects on here, i decided its time to make my own Wall-E and he will be my first robot build. I wanted him to...
Bhouston's Bob's Inmoov

Bhoustons Bobs Inmoov

Ive always wished I had started a Project Showcase type of thread when I started running my InMoov robot with EZ-Robot. So Im going to start one now. The first few posts are...

Thefoolmontys Stripping Down The U-Control Wall-E Toy

If like me, you saw those DJ Sures videos before last xmas and thought thats what a Wall-E toy should be able to do and pulled out your credit card, and - well, the rest is history. The price of ebay Wall-Es has gone through the roof. Now youve got your ez-b kit and your Wall-E and some idea of how to mod him from the other guys projects, but ......
Athena's R2D2 Testing

Athenas R2D2 Testing

The project is moving forward! I tested the main features of the ez-b on my robot, and make a perfect marriage! This is just the beginning, the vision and speech, as well as other...