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QR Code Generator

How to add the QR Code Generator robot skill

  1. Load the most recent release of ARC (Get ARC).
  2. Press the Project tab from the top menu bar in ARC.
  3. Press Add Robot Skill from the button ribbon bar in ARC.
  4. Choose the Camera category tab.
  5. Press the QR Code Generator icon to add the robot skill to your project.

Don't have a robot yet?

Follow the Getting Started Guide to build a robot and use the QR Code Generator robot skill.

How to use the QR Code Generator robot skill

The QR Code Generator will create a QR Code with the text you enter. By default, the QR Code text is "Synthiam," and the QR Code Graphic is the same. Using your phone's QR Code Scanner App to scan the graphic will say "Synthiam." This control works in conjunction with the Camera Control.

The Camera Control can be set to recognize QR Codes. When you view the Camera Config, look under the Scripts tab and notice the QR Code Scripts. You can specify a different script to execute for each QR Code that is recognized. There is also the ability to create a script that will execute every QR Code found but not recognized within the list. You may use this script to detect a web URL and open the web browser, as in the QR Code Example (Found under Examples Menu Bar Option).

You will find a selection for Variables in the Camera Config's Script Tab under the Camera Control. The detected QR Code text will be stored in the specified variable.

More text within a QR Code increases the resolution required for detection. This means if your QR Code contains the letter "A," it will be much easier to detect than if it had the word "Apple." This is something to consider when creating custom QR Codes for your Synthiam Application. If you want the robot to detect the QR Code easily, choose short QR Codes. We usually recommend using a single letter or number.

*Help: There are example projects for this control. Please look under "Examples" within ARC


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