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Omron HVC-P

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How To Download and Use This Control

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of EZ-Builder installed.
  2. Select the Install button below to download the file.
  3. Double click the downloaded file to open installer.
  4. The installer will add this control to EZ-Builder.

These are some case STL files so that you can protect this sensor while messing with it.



You need to install the following...
Download Unzip it and install Python and PySerial.

FTDI Friend - Adafruit is what I use to connect from the serial port to the Omron. The pin layout is as follows on the back of the Omron.

Ground is the first pin toward the center part of the Omron
Ground is the 1st pin - connect to the ground pin on the FTDI friend
5V VCC is the 3rd pin - connect to VCC on the FTDI friend
RX is the 4th pin - connect to TX on the FTDI friend
TX is the 5th pin - connect to RX on the FTDI friend
This config should allow you to use 921,600 baud.

The options are listed in the plugin. To use the plugin you can use a script.
This will return all of the variables possible.


ControlCommand("Omron HVC-P", Omron_Detect_All)

You can also tell it to run for specific options


ControlCommand("Omron HVC-P", Omron_Detect_Options, [bhfgsaoxe])

b = Body Detection (where and how many)
h = Hand Detection (where and how many)
f = Face Detection (where and how many)
g = Gaze (direction person is looking)
s = Gender (male, female or -1)
a = Age (estimated age of the first face)
o = Face Orientation (direction face is looking)
x = Face Expression (happy, sad, angry, surprised...)
e = Eye Estimation (how open or closed the eyes are)

The sensor can do Facial Recognition. I don't have this programmed yet. Eventually I will get to it.

Source Code

On Face Recognition-
I have the plugin working with the data files that are produced by the Omron EvaluationSoftware_v1.2.0. There is a directory in the plugin that contains this evaluation software, along with a directory containing the instruction manuals for their software. By leaving all of the directory structure in tact, you should be able to use the evaluation software (C:\Users\Public\Documents\EZ-Builder\Plugins\a9bdf8cb-7beb-4dc6-96cf-2fadfaaba8eb\EvaluationSoftware_v1.2.0\HVC-PDemoE.exe) to add people to your album for facial recognition, and also be able to make sure that the sensor is working outside of EZ-Builder.

At some point I will work on rewriting the piece that we are using the HVC-PDemoE.exe for, but this allows all of the features of the Omron HVC-P to be used.